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Can I Take You Home Little Girl?--1
My Only Desire--1
Summer in the City--0
Baby What I Mean--0
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus--0
Sweet for My Sweet--0
I Count the Years--0
Bring It on Home to Me--0
The Magic Moment--0
Saturday Nights at the Movies--0
You've Got Your Troubles--0
Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)--0
Room Full of Tears--0
Fools Fall in Love--0
Ruby Baby--0
Such a Night--0
Vaya Con Dios--0
When My Little Girls Is Smiling--0
Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Been So Good)--0
Can I Take You Home Little Girl--0
Hello Happiness--0
Come on Over to My Place--0
Tie a Yellow Ribbon--0
Drifting Away from You--0
Money Money--0
Hello Josephine (My Girl Josephine)--0
Kissing In the Back Row of the Movies--0
Please Come Home for Christmas--0
Bells of St. Marys--0
I Who Have Nothing--0
Sweet Caroline--0
Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)--0
Kissin I the Back Row of the Movie--0
Everlasting Love--0
Let's Get It On--0
Chains of Love--0
Under the Boardwalk (live) 1964--0
Another Night With the Boys--0
Suddenly There's a Valley--0
I Know--0
On Broadway (live)--0
There Goes My Baby (live)--0
Follow Me--0
Under the Boardwalk (live) 1965--0
Saturday Night at the Movies (live)--0
Spanish Lace--0
The Way I Feel--0
Up On The Roof (New Stereo Version)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Studio Re-recording)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Re-Recorded)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Original Artist Re-Recording)--0
Under the Boardwalk (New Stereo Recording)--0
Let's Groove (Kool & the Gang Cover)--0
Up On The Roof (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Remastered)--0
Saturday Night At the Movies (Single Version)--0
On Broadway (Instrumental Version)--0
Sweets For My Sweet (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (New Stereo Recording)--0
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Remastered)--0
Dance With Me (Remastered)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Studio Re-recording)--0
Save The Last Dance For Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered Version)--0
Up On the Roof (Remastered)--0
Dance With Me (Single Version) [Remastered]--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Single Version)--0
Stranger On the Shore (Remastered)--0
Up On the Roof (The Drifters)--0
Kissin' In the Back Row of the Movie--0
Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seened So Good)--0
Save Your Last Dance for Me--0
If You Don't Come Back--0
Rat Race--0
Only in America--0
In the Land of Make Believe--0
One Way Love--0
Down on the Beach Tonight--0
Memories Are Made of This--0
At the Club--0
I Don't Want to Go on Without You--0
Lonely Winds--0
I'll Take You Home--0
When My Little Girl Is Smiling--0
The Bells of St. Mary's (feat. Clyde McPhatter)--0
The Way I Feel (feat. Clyde McPhatter)--0
Christmas Just Ain't Christmas (Without the One I Love)--0
Bring It On Home--0
Honey Love--0
Let the Music Play--0
Mexican Divorce--0
I've Got Sand in My Shoes--0
(If You Cry) True Love, True Love--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Live)--0
On the Street Where You Live--0
Love Games--0
Bip Bam--0
The Christmas Song--0
Every Nite's a Saturday Night With You--0
Winter Wonderland--0
Three Times a Lady--0
Don't Cry On the Weekend--0
Like Sister & Brother--0
Like Sister Like Brother--0
Hot Ziggity--0
Bip Bam (Digitally Remastered)--0
My Girl (Live)--0
Lonely Winds (alternate take)--0
Sweets for My Sweet (Studio Re-recording)--0
Oh My Love (Digitally Remastered)--0
Your Promise To Be Mine (Digitally Remastered)--0
Sweets for My Sweet (Re-Recording)--0
Sweets for My Sweet (Re-Recorded)--0
Such a Night (with Clyde McPhatter)--0
Treasure of Love--0
Nobody but Me--0
Silent Night--0
I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing - Single Edit Version--0
The Bell's Of St. Mary's--0
This Magic Moment - Remastered Single--0
There Goes My Baby (Remastered Single)--0
Honey Bee--0
On Broadway - Remastered Single--0
Up On The Roof - Single/LP Version--0
I'll Take You Where the Music's Playing (Edit Version)--0
Up On the Rood--0
Drip Drop - Single Edit Version--0
Dance With Me (Remastered Single)--0
On Broadway (Remastered Single)--0
Up on the Roof (Single Version) (Remastered)--0
Say Goodbye to Angelina--0
Kissin' in the Back Row--0
Little Drummer Boy--0
Up on the Roof (Remastered Single Version) [Remastered]--0
Up on the Roof - (Remastered Single) [Remastered]--0
Up On the Roof (Remastered Single)--0
Under The Boardwalk (Remastered Single)--0
Cupid (Live)--0
Spanish Harlem (Live)--0
(If You Cry) True Love, True Love [Remastered]--0
Drip Drop (Digitally Remastered)--0
Drip Drop (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Money Honey (Single Version) [With Clyde McPhatter]--0
Sweets For My Sweet (Remastered)--0
Another Night With the Boys (Remastered)--0
Soldier of Fortune (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Driftin' Away from You (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
My Girl (Re-Recorded)--0
Driftin' Away from You (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
Treasure of Love (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
Your Promise to Be Mine (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Honey Love (with Clyde McPhatter)--0
Dance with Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Saturday Night at Movies--0
The Good Life--0
Driftin' (Instrumental)--0
Save The Last Dance For Me - Remastered LP Version--0
Money Honey (with Clyde McPhatter) - Single Version--0
There Goes My Baby - Remastered Single--0
Saturday Night At The Movies - Remastered Single--0
Save The Last Dance For Me - Remastered--0
Adorable - Remastered--0
Lonely Winds (Re-Recorded)--0
Long Lonley Night--0
Lonely Winds (Alt Take)--0
Soldier of Fortune (Remastered)--0
Your Promise to Be Mine (Remastered)--0
Sweets For My Sweet - Re-Recording (by Original Artist)--0
Money Honey (Live)--0
Little St. Nick--0
(If You Cry) True Love, True Love (Live)--0
Unchained Melody (De "Ghost")--0
My Girl (Re-Recorded Version)--0
Christmas Just Ain't Christmas (Without the One You Love)--0
Theres Goes My Baby--0
Satuday Night At the Movies--0
Treasure of Love (Remastered)--0
No Sweet Lovin' (Remastered)--0
Drip Drop (Remastered)--0
Driftin' Away From You (Remastered)--0
Money Honey (Remastered)--0
Love Games (Re-Recorded)--0
Driftin' Away from You--0
Sweets For My Sweet (Re-Recorded Version)--0
My Only Desire (As The Pinkney Flyers)--0
Moonlight Bay--0
Chinchilla (Instrumental)--0
Don't Go, Please Stay--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (Remastered)--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (From: Dirty Dancing)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Remastered Single/LP Version)--0
Let's Groove--0
Without Love (There Is Nothing)--0
Hypnotized (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Fools Fall In Love (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Ruby Baby (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Moonlight Bay (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
You're More Than a Number--0
Oh Holy Night--0
Unchained Melody--0
Up On The Roof - Remastered Single--0
I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing--0
Oh My Love--0
Dance Whit Me--0
Kung Fu Fighting--0
No Sweet Lovin'--0
Your Promise to Be Mine--0
My Girl--0
Bring It Home to Me--0
I Know (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Adorable (2009 Digitally Remastered)--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (Original Soundtrack Theme from "Dirty Dancing")--0
This Magic Moment (Bonus Track)--0
Up On the Roof (Bonus Track)--0
Moonlight Bay (Remastered)--0
I'll Take You Home (Remastered)--0
On Broadway (Remastered)--0
Unchained Melody (Remastered)--0
Honey Love (Remastered)--0
Such a Night (Remastered)--0
Stand By Me (Remastered)--0
I Know (Remastered)--0
Fools Fall In Love (Remastered)--0
I Count The Tears (Digitally Remastered)--0
Such a Night (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
Moonlight Bay (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
White Christmas (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
This Magic Moment (Alternate Take)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Alternate Take)--0
Drifting Away from You (Remastered)--0
Money Honey (with Clyde McPhatter)--0
Please Stay (Digitally Remastered)--0
Honey Love (Digitally Remastered)--0
Kissing in the Back Row--0
Some Kind of Wonderfull--0
Unchained Melody (Re-Recorded)--0
Kissin' in the Back Row of the Movies--0
On Broadway--0
White Christmas--0
Soldier of Fortune--0
Under the Broadwalk--0
Under the Boardwalk (Single Version)--0
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas--0
Under The Boardwalk - Remastered Single/LP Version--0
Money Honey--0
Dance With Me--0
This Magic Moment--0
How Do You Heal a Broken Heart--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recorded)--0
Save The Last Dance For Metrad0
Under The Boardwalk--0
Stand by Me--0
Up on the Roof--0
Saturday Night At the Movies--0
There Goes My Baby--0
You're More Than a Number in My Little Red Book--0
Save the Last Dance--0
Do You Dream of Me--0
I Count the Tears--0
White Chrismas--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (From "Dirty Dancing" Original Soundtrack)--0
I Can Help--0
Sweets for My Sweet--0
Auld Lang Syne--0
Your More Than a Number in My Little Red Book--0
Stranger on the Shore--0
True Love, True Love--0
I Can't Help Myself--0
Under The Boardwalk - Remastered Single--0
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town--0
Like Sister and Brother--0
In the Still of the Night--0
Please Stay--0
Spanish Harlem--0
White Christmas - Voice--0
Dock of the Bay--0
We Wish You a Merry Christmas--0
There Goes My First Love--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Re-Recorded Version)--0
Up On The Roof (Re-Recorded Version)--0
Adorable (Remastered)--0
Dance With Me (Digitally Remastered)--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Re-Recording)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recording)--0
Drip Drop--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Karaoke Version)--0
There Goes My Baby ((from "American Hot Wax"))--0
There Goes My Baby (Digitally Remastered)--0
Ruby Baby (Digitally Remastered)--0
Adorable (Digitally Remastered)--0
Let the Music Play (Single)--0
Up On the Roof (Single)--0
Stand By Me (Live)--0
When My Little Girl Is Smiling (Remastered)--0
This Magic Moment (Remastered)--0
Try Try Baby--0
Under the Broadwalk (Live)--0
White Christmas (Remastered)--0
One Way Love (Single)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Single)--0
Up On the Roof (Single/LP Version)--0
Saturday Night At the Movies (Remastered Single/LP Version)--0
The Bells of St. Mary's--0
Up On the Roof (Re-Recorded)--0
Only In America (Live)--0
One Way Love (Single Version)--0
I'll Take You Home (Single Version)--0
Let the Music Play (Single Version)--0
Mexican Divorce (Remastered)--0
There Goes My Baby (Remastered)--0
Some Kind Of Wonderfultrad0
Fools Fall In Love (Digitally Remastered)--0
Please Stay (Live)--0
This Magic Moment (Re-Recorded)--0
Up On the Roof (Single Version)--0
Another Night With the Boys (Single Version)--0
On Broadway (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Sweet For My Sweet (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Live)--0
There Goes My Baby (Re-Recorded)--0
White Christmas* (Voice)--0
This Magic Moment (Single Version)--0
Room Full of Tears (Single Version)--0
There Goes My Baby (Single Version)--0
Lonley Winds--0
This Magic Moment (from the TV Series the Sopranos)--0
Fools Fall In Love (2009 Digital Remaster)--0
Saturday Night At the Movies (Remastered)--0
Quando Quando Quando--0
I've Got Sand In My Shoes (Live)--0
I Count the Tears (Live)--0
This Magic Moment (Live)--0
If I Didn't Love You Like I Do--0
Under the Boardwalk (Original)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Original Mix)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Studio Rerecord)--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Studio Re-record)--0
Hypnotized (Remastered)--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (Live)--0
Please Stay (Don't Go) [Live]--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (Rerecorded Version)--0
There Goes My Baby (Re-Recorded Version)--0
This Magic Moment (Re-Recorded Version)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recorded Version)--0
When My Little Girl Is Smiling (Live)--0
Lonely Winds (Live)--0
Up On the Roof (Live)--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Re-Recording by Original Artist)--0
Some Kind of Wonderful (Re-Recording by Original Artist)--0
Up On the Roof (Re-Recording by Original Artist)--0
Save The Last Dance For Me (Digitally Remastered)--0
This Magic Moment (Digitally Remastered)--0
Driftin' (Instrumental) [Live]--0
Jet Black (Instrumental) [Live]--0
This Magic Moment (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Save The Last Dance For Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
White Christmas (Classic Christmas)--0
Honey Love (Live)--0
Ruby Baby (Remastered)--0
Drifting Away From You (Digitally Remastered)--0
Ruby Baby (Live)--0
There Goes My Baby (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recorded / Remastered)--0
This Magic Moment (Re-Recording)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Original Artist Re-Recording)--0
Save the Last Dance For Me (Re-Recorded) [Re-Recorded Version]--0
This Magic Moment (New Stereo Recording)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recording) [Re-Recorded Version]--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recorded Version) (Re-Recorded)--0
Save the Last Dance for Me (Original Artist Re-Record)--0
There Goes My Baby (Re-Recording)--0
This Magic Moment (Re-Recording by Original Artist)--0
Under the Boardwalk (Re-Recording by Original Artist)--0
There Goes My Baby (New Stereo Recording)--0
Jet Black (Instrumental)--0
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