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Agur Jaunak--12
Every Baby--5
Old Black Joe--4
Who'll Come With Metrad4
Hiroshima, I'm Sorry (Live)--4
I Can't Help Myself (I Love You, I Want You)--4
Boga Boga--3
Why Why Why--2
I Can't Help Myself--2
When the Last Tree...--2
Brothers And Sisters--2
Take My Hand--2
Wasting All My Time--1
Horch' Was Kommt Von Draußen Rein--1
Roses of Red (single remix)--1
Stand By Me--1
An Angel (Spanish version)--1
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen--1
Take My Hand (Live)--1
David's Song--1
Papa Cool--1
Spinning Around--1
Key to My Heart--1
The Children of Kosovo--1
Chicken Pies--0
Little Boy--0
Hey Mr. Big Time--0
Mrs. Speechless--0
Bendemeers's Stream--0
Silver & Gold--0
Let It Be (Live)--0
Swing Low (Live)--0
Sandy - (Jam Session)--0
If There's A Paradise--0
I Will Be You Bride--0
Where Does This End--0
Mrs. Speechless (Instrumental)--0
Million Flies (Demo Version)--0
Let My People Go (Live)--0
Summertime (Live)--0
Bendemeer's Stream--0
Mystic Knights (instrumental version)--0
Estudiantina Portugesa--0
Ministrel Boy--0
Swing Low--0
David's Song (Who I'll Come With Me)--0
All Along The Way (I'll Be With Y--0
The Rose (Live)--0
Hey Little Diddle--0
I Wanna Be Loved - Videotrack--0
Every Baby - Original Mix--0
Sah Ein Knab' Ein Röslein Steh'n--0
Lord of the Dance--0
Shortnin' Bread--0
All Along the Way--0
The Last Rose of Summer--0
Knick-Knack-Song (This Old Man)--0
Mystic Knights--0
The Little Drummer Boy--0
Never Gonna Break Me Down--0
I Wanna Kiss You--0
What If Love--0
Strange World--0
Don't Always Want--0
Carry My Soul--0
Don't Be So Unhappy--0
Burning Fire--0
Break the Walls--0
Alle Kinder brauchen Freunde (Child)--0
Annie Laurie--0
The Swan--0
Motherless Child--0
Make a Song With Me--0
Okey Papa--0
Honest Worker--0
Eine Familie ist wie ein Lied--0
Saban's Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog--0
Fat Man--0
Look Up My File--0
By Myself but Not Alone--0
I'll Send You a Letter--0
Say That You Love Me--0
I'm So Happy--0
It's OK Now--0
The Wearing Of The Green--0
Break Free (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
First Time (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Key To My Heart (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Roses of Red (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Nanana (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Baby Smile (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Why Why Why (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Another World (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Thunder (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Let It Be (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
Good Neighbor (Live)--0
Who'll Come With Me (David's Song) (Live)--0
Only Our Rivers Run Free (Live)--0
Brothers And Sisters (Live)--0
Summertime (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
Swing Low (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
Let My People Go (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
Red Shoes (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Fell In Love With an Alien (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Hey Diddle Diddle (Live In Ireland / 1996)--0
Cover the Road (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
The Wolf (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
One More Freakin' Dollar (Live In Ireland / 1996)--0
Because It's Love (Live In Ireland / 1996)--0
Sean O'Kelley--0
I Can't Help Myself (Live In Ireland / 1996)--0
Quisiera Ser Un Angel (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Every Baby (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
An Angel (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Father's Nose (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
All Along the Way (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
When the Boys Come Into Town (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Life Is Hard Enough (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Ares Qui (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
One More Song (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
We Got Love (Live)--0
Cover The Road (Live)--0
Kein Schöner Land--0
La Pastorella--0
Guten Tag--0
Guten Abend, gut' Nacht--0
I'll Be There--0
O du Fröhliche--0
Weisst du wieviel Sternlein stehen--0
Join This Parade--0
Hiroshima, I'm Sorry--0
I Can't Stop the Love--0
Keep On Singing--0
Rose of Tralee--0
Bel Mont--0
We Got Love--0
What Can I Do--0
Still, Still, Still--0
O Tannenbaum--0
Muss Ich Denn Zum Städtele Hinaus--0
Nanana (Live)--0
When The Boys Come Into Town (Live)--0
An Angel (Live)--0
Keep On Singing (Live)--0
Please Don't Go (Live)--0
The Wolf (Live)--0
I Can't Help Myself (Live)--0
Fell In Love With An Alien (Live)--0
No Lies (Live)--0
Red Shoes (Live)--0
Why Why Why (Live)--0
I Can't Stop The Love (Live)--0
Peces en el Rio--0
First Time (Live)--0
Imagine (Live)--0
Come Back To Me (Live)--0
Because It's Love (Live)--0
I'll Be Your Man--0
House on the Ocean--0
When The Boys Come To Town--0
Can't Help Myself--0
Angels Fly--0
Oh, Johnny--0
Eagle of the Breeze--0
Agur Jaunak (Live at Lorely)--0
You're Loosing Me--0
Blood (Album Version)--0
A Hard Days Night--0
Rock 'n' Roll Stole My Soul--0
When the Last Tree (Dutch Version)--0
Love Music 'n' Sun--0
Brother Brother--0
Blood (Radio Edit)--0
Eagle On The Breeze--0
First Time (remix)--0
When the Boys Come Into Town--0
Once in a While--0
Ares Qui--0
She's Crazy--0
Break Free--0
The Wolf--0
I Really Love You--0
Please Don't Go--0
Santa Maria--0
Cover the Road--0
First Time--0
Like a Queen--0
Staying Alive--0
You Belong to Me--0
Calling Heaven--0
Father's Nose--0
Nothing Like Home--0
Sick Man--0
Santa Maria (Live In Germany / 1995)--0
Mull of Kintyre--0
Alle Kinder Brauchen Freunde--0
Rudolph, the Rednosed Reindeer--0
Cintas De Mi Capa--0
I Can't Help Myself (Live '96)--0
I Feel Love--0
Baby Smile--0
Hey Diddle Diddle--0
Oh It Hurts--0
Come Back to Me--0
We Are the World--0
Fell in Love With an Alien--0
An Angels--0
Stars Fall From Heaven--0
Let My People Go--0
Roses of Red--0
I Will Be Your Bride--0
Because It's Love--0
Sunday Morning--0
Madre tan hermosa--0
Wenn Die Weissen Wolken Zieh'n--0
De kinderen van Kosovo--0
Hiroshima, I'm Sorry (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
The Rose (Live In Germany / 1988)--0
Oración de Esmeralda--0
La Montanara--0
Danny Boy--0
One More Freaking Dollar--0
Red Shoes--0
Wish I Were a Swallow--0
Looking for Love--0
Let It Be--0
Jingle Bells--0
Amazing Grace--0
Yo te quiero--0
One More Happy Christmas--0
Mama (unplugged version)--0
Mama (radio version)--0
White Christmas--0
Two Front Teeth--0
Oh Holy Night--0
Ave Maria--0
First Noel--0
Life Can Be So Beautiful--0
Lord Can You Hear My Prayer--0
Oh God--0
I Wanna Be Loved--0
Special Girl--0
True Love--0
So Many Troubles--0
No One but You--0
So Many Things--0
Little Drummer Boy--0
Auld Lang Syne--0
Mull of Kentyre--0
Everybody Is Beautiful--0
Streets of Love--0
I Wish The Very Best--0
Street Kid (Gucci Shit)--0
Let Me People Go--0
Ein Vogel kann im Käfig nicht fliegen--0
Flip a Coin (instrumental)--0
Flip a Coin--0
An Angeltrad0
Ode to Joy--0
Santa Maria (reprise)--0
Santa Maria (Spanish version)--0
New Morals (Human Race)--0
What's a Matter You People--0
Leave It to the Spirits--0
One More Song--0
Big Mouth on TV--0
Another World--0
Too Many Ways--0
No Lies--0
All Along the Way (I Will Be With You)--0
Life Is Hard Enough--0
I'll Swim, I'll Swim--0
You're Losing Me--0
Why Don't You Go--0
Dance to the Rock 'n' Roll--0
You Got Me Rockin' Now--0
Angels Flying--0
Sweetest Angel--0
Say Na Na--0
Give Us Rain--0
New World--0
The Rose--0
Quisiera ser un angel--0
Drum Solo--0
David's Song (Who'll Come With Me)--0
One More Freakin' Dollar--0
Only Our Rivers Run Free--0
Swing All Night--0
Stay Beside Me--0
Take Away--0
Stronger Than Ever--0
Good Neighbor--0
Who'll Come With Me (David's Song)--0
Edge of Happiness--0
parole traduction visites
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