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Xylophone Track--1
All My Little Words--1
Time Enough for Rocking When We’re Old--1
Please Stop Dancing--1
All You Ever Do Is Walk Awaytrad1
With Whom to Dance?--0
BBC Radiophonic Workshop--0
Smoke and Mirrors--0
All the Umbrellas in London--0
Dust Bowl--0
Why I Cry--0
Fear of Trains--0
Strange Eyes--0
Crowd of Drifters--0
Save a Secret for the Moon--0
When the Open Road Is Closing In--0
Sunset City--0
Love Is Lighter Than Air--0
Stray With Me--0
Heather Heather--0
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend (Extended Mix)--0
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend (Dub Mix)--0
Chicken With the Head Cut Off--0
I Thought You Were My Boyfriend (Single Edit)--0
Dreams Anymore--0
All I Want to Know--0
You and Me and the Moon--0
The Desperate Things You Made Me Do--0
The Village In the Morning--0
Take Ecstacy With Me--0
The Dreaming Moon--0
For We Are the King of the Boudoir--0
Experimental Music Love--0
The Dolls’ Tea Party--0
Love Is Like Jazz--0
When My Boy Walks Down the Street--0
No One Will Ever Love You--0
Very Funny--0
I Don’t Know What to Say--0
The Nun’s Litany--0
The Things We Did and Didn’t Do--0
Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing--0
If You Don’t Cry--0
Wi’ Nae Wee Bairn Ye’ll Me Beget--0
Don’t Look Away--0
I Don’t Believe You--0
(Crazy for You but) Not That Crazy--0
Promises of Eternity--0
The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure--0
Acoustic Guitar--0
Love in the Shadows--0
Bitter Tears--0
Queen of the Savages--0
Reno Dakota--0
I Shatter--0
Abigail, Belle of Kilronan--0
Washington, D.C.--0
World Love--0
Papa Was a Rodeo--0
Epitaph for My Heart--0
The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing--0
Asleep and Dreaming--0
How to Say Goodbye--0
'78: The Blizzard Of '78--0
'75: My Mama Ain't--0
'81: How to Play the Synthesizer--0
'82: Happy Beeping--0
'84: Danceteria!--0
'83: Foxx and I--0
'73: It Could Have Been Paradise--0
'72: Eye Contact--0
'67: Come Back as a Cockroach--0
'66: Wonder Where I'm From--0
'68: A Cat Called Dionysus--0
'69: Judy Garland--0
'71 I Think I'll Make Another World--0
'70: They're Killing Children Over There--0
'85: Why I Am Not a Teenager--0
'87: At the Pyramid--0
'86: How I Failed Ethics--0
'74: No--0
'93: Me and Fred and Dave and Ted--0
'02: Be True to Your Bar--0
'07: In the Snow White Cottages--0
'13: Big Enough for Both of Us--0
'12: You Can Never Go Back to New York--0
'06: "Quotes"--0
'89: The 1989 Musical Marching Zoo--0
'88: Ethan Frome--0
'90: Dreaming in Tetris--0
'92: Weird Diseases--0
'05: Never Again--0
'01: Have You Seen It in the Snow?--0
Epitath for My Heart--0
The Nun's Litany (Alternate Vocal Version)--0
We Are Having a Hootenanny--0
Walk a Lonely Road--0
Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree--0
Zombie Boy--0
Till the Bitter End--0
Old Fools--0
I’ll Dream Alone--0
Xavier Says--0
Mr. Mistletoe--0
Too Drunk to Dream--0
Drive On, Driver--0
Seduced and Abandoned--0
Better Things--0
Le tourbillon--0
The Desperate Things You Make Me Do--0
Orbital Sound--0
The Things We Did--0
Orbital Sounds--0
Come Back From San Francisco--0
My Sentimental Melody--0
The Dada Polka--0
Painted Flower--0
From a Sinking Boat--0
Punk Love--0
A Pretty Girl Is Like…--0
Parades Go By--0
Rats in the Garbage of the Western World--0
I Can’t Touch You Anymore--0
Strange Powerstrad0
Deep Sea Diving Suittrad0
Torn Green Velvet Eyestrad0
The Flowers She Sent And The Flowers She Said She Senttrad0
In My Secret Placetrad0
Swinging Londontrad0
Desert Islandtrad0
Suddenly There Is a Tidal Wavetrad0
Lovers From The Moontrad0
Tokyo À Go-Gotrad0
Summer Liestrad0
Dancing In Your Eyestrad0
Old Orchard Beachtrad0
Sad Little Moontrad0
The Trouble I've Been Looking Fortrad0
California Girls--0
I'M Sorry I Love You--0
It’s Only Time--0
I Don’t Want to Get Over You--0
Sweet-Lovin' Man--0
The Book of Love--0
Two Characters In Search Of a Country Songtrad0
I Have The Moontrad0
In My Cartrad0
Sugar Worldtrad0
Take Ecstasy With Metrad0
Lonely Highwaytrad0
Born On a Traintrad0
Long Vermont Roadstrad0
The Saddest Story Ever Toldtrad0
When You Were My Babytrad0
Infinitely Late At Nighttrad0
In An Operettatrad0
Is This What They Used To Call Lovetrad0
Railroad Boytrad0
It's Only Timetrad0
I'm Tongue-Tiedtrad0
If There's Such a Thing As Lovetrad0
I Don't Believe Youtrad0
I Dietrad0
I Don't Really Love You Anymoretrad0
I Looked All Over Towntrad0
I Wish I Had An Evil Twintrad0
I Was Borntrad0
Smoke Signalstrad0
You Love To Failtrad0
Young And Insanetrad0
Plant White Rosestrad0
Technical (you're So)trad0
Alien Beingtrad0
Either You Don't Love Me Or I Don't Love Youtrad0
Love Goes Home To Paris In The Springtrad0
1000,000 Firefliestrad0
Babies Fallingtrad0
Living In An Abandoned Firehouse With Youtrad0
Tar-Heel Boytrad0
Falling In Love With The Wolfboytrad0
Long-Forgotten Fairytale--0
Busby Berkeley Dreams--0
I Didn't Believe In the Sun--0
Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long--0
Long-Forgotton Fairytale--0
For We Are the Kings of the Boudoir--0
Your Girlfriend’s Face--0
My Husband's Pied-A-terre--0
The Trouble I’ve Been Looking For--0
Tokyo a Go-Go--0
Promise of Eternity--0
he Way You Say Good-Night--0
I Don’t Really Love You Anymore--0
100,000 Fireflies--0
Either You Don’t Love Me or I Don’t Love You--0
Technical (You’re So)--0
I’d Go Anywhere With Hugh--0
Goin’ Back to the Country--0
When I’m Not Looking, You’re Not There--0
All She Cares About Is Mariachi--0
You’re My Only Home--0
It’s a Crime--0
The Night You Can’t Remember--0
I Thought You Were My Boyfriendtrad0
The Horrible Party--0
The Machine in Your Hand--0
God Wants Us to Wait--0
Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits--0
Born for Love--0
Infatuation (With Your Gyration)--0
The Only Boy in Town--0
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be--0
Boa Constrictor--0
Is This What They Used to Call Love?--0
I’m Tongue-Tied--0
Let's Pretened We're Bunny Rabbits--0
I’ve Run Away to Join the Fairies--0
I Don’t Like Your Tone--0
If There’s Such a Thing as Love--0
I Don't Believe in You--0
The Way You Say Good-Night--0
You Must Be Out of Your Mind--0
Andrew in Drag--0
Yeah! Oh, Yeah!--0
Absolutely Cuckoo--0
The One You Really Love--0
I Die: You Die--0
I Don’t Believe in the Sun--0
The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side--0
Two Kinds of People--0
I Think I Need a New Heart--0
A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off--0
How Fucking Romantic--0
Always Already Gone--0
Blue You--0
Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin--0
My Only Friend--0
Grand Canyon--0
Kiss Me Like You Mean It--0
When You’re Old and Lonely--0
parole traduction visites
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