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The Shamen

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Make It Mine (Beatmasters 12" Vocal)--1
Make It Mine (Moby's Deep mix / Moby's dub mix) / Phorever People (MK mix) / Transmazonia (Deep Dish No Doze mix) / MK2A (DT's F--1
Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor Vocal mix)--0
Make It Mine (Moby's Deep mix)--0
Phorever People (Todd Terry mix)--0
Phorever People (The Beatmasters East of the Nile mix)--0
Phorever People (MK mix)--0
Phorever People (D's Flying dub)--0
Phorever People (Tee's Flying dub)--0
Hyperreal (William Orbit 12" Mix)--0
Lsi (Shamen Alternative Vocal 12" )--0
Universal (187 B.P.Metamix (minor))--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Beatmasters edit)--0
Negation State--0
Move Any Mountain (Beatmasters 12" Mix)--0
Make It Mine (v1.3 Lenny D Vox edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (Landslide edit)--0
Hyperreal Selector (Meat Beat Manifesto mix) / Boss Drum (Shamen dub mix) / Human NRG (808 State mix) / Move Any Mountain (I.R.D--0
Boss Drum (Shamen 12" mix)--0
Boss Drum (Beatmasters Boss mix)--0
Phorever People (Kevin Saunderson Technological dub)--0
Destination Eschaton (album version)--0
Move Any Mountain (Rude edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (C. mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (666 edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (F. Troop edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (Bang edit)--0
Phorever People (Beatmastes Heavenly edit)--0
Move Any Mountain '96 (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Land of Oz mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Rising High dub)--0
Move Any Mountain (Beltram dub)--0
Destination Eschaton (Sounds of Life vocal mix)--0
Destination Eschaton (Vission Lorimer Dome mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Sneaker Pimps Mix)--0
Re:Evolution (Shamen vocal mix) (edit)--0
Re:Evolution (BTP vs. Shamen Vox) (edit)--0
Universal (1999 vocal)--0
Re:Evolution (Accapella Vox) (edit)--0
Re:Evolution (live at the Warfield)--0
Phorever People (Shamen dub)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tomka Mix)--0
Boss Drum (The Shamen 7" edit)--0
Destination Eschaton (hardcore vocal mix)--0
Transamazonia - Beatmasters Dub 2--0
Boss Drum (Justin Robertson Lion Rock mix)--0
Boss Drum (The Beatmasters Tribal Buzz mix)--0
Boss Drum (Justin Robertson Lion Rock dub mix)--0
Boss Drum (The Shamen 12" mix)--0
Boss Drum (Youth Transhamen Ritual mix)--0
Transamazonia - Alex Party Aguirre Mix--0
L.S.I. (Ralphie's Tribal mix)--0
Slip Inside This House--0
Purple Haze--0
Make It Mine (Remix)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Rude edit)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Landslide edit)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Bang edit)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Oz edit)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (F Troop edit)--0
Boss Drum (The Shamen dub mix)--0
Boss Drum (Youth Shamen Ritual instrumental mix)--0
A Moment in Dub--0
Above the Otherworld--0
Xochipili's Return--0
Pizarro in Paradise--0
West of the Underworld--0
L.S.I. (Love dub mix)--0
Possible Worlds (Shamen Live)--0
Out in the Styx--0
Beneath the Underworld--0
Destination Eschaton (Shamen deep melodic techno mix: Destination Islington)--0
Destination Eschaton (Destination Nemeton Original version)--0
Hyperreal (dirtiest dub)--0
Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor vocal: Destination Krefeldton)--0
Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor instrumental: Destination Komotion)--0
Asymptomatic Eschaton--0
L.S.I. (Frank de Wulf remix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tony de Vit Edit)--0
L.S.I. (B. 4 L.S.I. mix)--0
Make It Minimal--0
Evil Is Even (Edit)--0
Ebeneezer Goode - Beatmasters Radio Mix--0
Phorever Dub--0
Hypereal (Orbit Mix)--0
Heal (The Separation) [Steve Osbourne Ambient 12"]--0
Basement Boys (Destination Chant)--0
Move Any Mountain (R.I.P. in the Land of Oz mix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Bat edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (Beat mix)--0
Destination Eschaton (Beatmasters 12" vocal: Destination Meccaton)--0
Destination Eschaton (Beatmasters 12" instrumental edit: Destination Hoxton)--0
Beatmasters 7"--0
Move Any Mountain (Tony Da Vit Edit)--0
Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys vocal: Destination Discoton)--0
Boss Drum (Beatmasters 7" edit)--0
Phorever People (Beamasters Heavenly Edit)--0
Ebeneezer Good (Beat Edit)--0
Lightspan (Soundwave edit)--0
MK2A (The Beatmasters New Radio Edit)--0
Transamazonia (Beatmasters radio edit 7")--0
Pro Gen (666 Edit)--0
Hyperreal (Orbit Edit)--0
MK2A (Beatmasters New Radio Edit)--0
Phorever People (The Beatmasters Radio Mix)--0
The Monoriff--0
Coming Unstrung--0
Something Wonderful--0
Beatmasters 12" Instrumental Edit - Destination Hoxton--0
Boss Drum (Shamen 7 Inch Edit)--0
Possible Worlds (Shamen Deep Mix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Shamen vocal)--0
Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor vocal edit)--0
Make It Mine (US dub mix)--0
LSI (dub Rave vocal)--0
LSI (alternative vocal)--0
Boss Drum (album mix)--0
Boss Drum (The Beatmasters Boss mix)--0
Transamazonia (Watershed instrumental 2)--0
Transamazonia (Alex Party 7" edit)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Band mix)--0
L.S.I. (Beatmasters mix)--0
L.S.I. (alternative mix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Wot the Dickens mix)--0
Librae Solidi Denari (Full on Robot Chubby mix)--0
Make It Mine--0
Phorever People (Shamen mix)--0
Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly mix)--0
Phorever People (D's Mellow mix)--0
Progen (Move Any Mountain)--0
Comin' On Strong--0
Transamazonia (Visnadi Totem mix)--0
Transamazonia (Nuw Idol mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Landslide mix)--0
Destination Eschaton (Shamen Deep Melodic Techno mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (feat. Mr C)--0
L.S.I. (remix)--0
Make It Mine (Razormaid mix)--0
Ebeneezer Good--0
Love Sex Intelligence (Beats edit)--0
Ebenezer Goode--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Ritchie Hawtin Trance dub)--0
Phorever People (D's Mellow dub)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tony De Vit 7" edit)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tony De Vit mix)--0
Make It Mine (American 12" version)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tomka remix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Tomka dub)--0
Phorever People (Kevin Saunderson's Technological dub)--0
Phorever People (Beatmasters East of the Nile mix)--0
Boss Drum (Shamen dub)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Teddy Necker mix)--0
Make It Mine (Pro-gress I Vox)--0
Grim Reaper of Love--0
It's All Around--0
The Other Side--0
Golden Hair--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Landslide vox)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (C mix)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Beatmasters dub)--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (666 edit)--0
Four Letter Girl--0
Strange Days Dream--0
Where do You Go--0
Through With You--0
World Theatre--0
Do What You Will--0
Happy Days--0
I Don't Like--0
Velvet Box--0
Through My Window--0
Move Any Mountain: Progen 91 (Beat edit)--0
Possible Worlds--0
Make It Mine (Progress 1 Vox)--0
Omega Omigo (Steve Osbourne mix)--0
Boss Dub--0
LSI (Beat edit)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Beat edit)--0
Re-Evolution (Beatmasters mix)--0
Phorever People (The Beatmasters heavenly edit)--0
Boss Drum (The Beatmasters radio mix)--0
Librae Solidi Denari--0
Oxygen Restriction--0
Hyperreal (orbit)--0
Omega Amigo--0
Hear Me--0
Hyperreal Selector--0
Space Time--0
Boss Drum--0
Phorever People--0
Passing Away--0
Something About You--0
@ Rio Negro--0
Love Sex Intelligence--0
Indica (Shamen Mix)--0
Possible Worlds (Live)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (MBM instrumental)--0
Move Any Mountain '96 (Beatmasters Radio Mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Progen '91)--0
Hear Me O My People--0
Comin' On Strong (Beat Edit)--0
Destinction Eschaton (The Beatmasters Radio Edit)--0
L.S.I.: Love Sex Intelligence--0
Move Any Mountian--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Beatmasters mix)--0
Make It Mine (Club Vocal)--0
Move Any Mountain (Beat edit)--0
Move Any Mountain '96 (Tony de Vit 7" Edit)--0
Make It Mine (Hilltop mix)--0
Destination Eschaton (Basement Boys 7" vocal: Destination Discoton)--0
Destination Eschaton (Tight mix)--0
Re:Evolution (BTP Fixed Tempo instrumental) (edit)--0
Comin' On (BTP fixed tempo instrumental/edit)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Jakob Carrison remix)--0
Hyperreal (remix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (club vocal)--0
Ebeneezer Goode--0
Move Any Mountain (Landslide Vox)--0
Move Any Mountain (Beltram Vox)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Richie Hawtin Trance dub / South of Detroit instrumental) / Possible Worlds (Shamen Stick mix) / Destination Es--0
Young Till Yesterday--0
LSI (7" Beatmasters vocal)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Beat mix)--0
Resistance (Once Again)--0
Move Any Mountain (Beatmasters dub)--0
Move Any Mountain (The Prelude to Paradise Beat mix)--0
Move Any Mountain (Oz edit)--0
Possible Worlds (Shamen Deep PSI)--0
Destination Eschaton (The Beatmasters Radio Edit)--0
L.S.I. (Maurice Love Sex Instrumental)--0
Fatman (Shamen Instrumental)--0
Librae Solidi Denari (Digital Lullaby mix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (I.O.C. Ambient mix)--0
De:evolution (Shamen Instrumental)--0
Sweet Young Thing--0
Boss Drum (Justin Robertson Lionrock Dub Mix edit)--0
Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly edit)--0
Boss Drum (Beatmasters radio mix)--0
Phorever People (Todd Terry Remix)--0
L.S.I. (alternative edit)--0
Hear Me O My People (Orbital - Delays Expected)--0
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (E-Smoove 7' mix)--0
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (Ed Richards 12' mix)--0
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (Frank De Wulf Dub Rave)--0
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (Shamen Alternative Vocal)--0
L.S.I. (Love Sex Intelligence) (Beatmasters 12' mix)--0
Raspberry Infundibulum--0
War Prayer--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Jolly Roger vocal)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Meat Beat Manifesto vocal)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (South of Detroit vocal)--0
Make It Mine (Alternative Radio edit)--0
Make It Mine (Manhattan mix)--0
Make It Mine (Deep mix)--0
Make It Mine (Moby's dub mix)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Meat Beat Manifesto instrumental)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Shamen dub)--0
Jesus Loves Amerika (Fundamental)--0
Adam Strange--0
Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz mix)--0
Yellow Cellophane Day--0
In Gorbachev We Trust--0
Heal (The Seperation)--0
Prince of Popocatapetl--0
Axis Mundi (a. Tellos / b. Xibalba / c. Nemeton / d. Eternal Return)--0
Eschaton Omega (Deep Melodic Techno)--0
Long Gone--0
S2 Translation--0
Agua azul--0
Phorever People (Todd Terry)--0
Boss Drum (Lion Rock dub)--0
Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz remix)--0
Move Any Mountain--0
Destination Eschaton--0
Strange Days Dream (live version)--0
Christopher Mayhew Says--0
I Do--0
Beamship (brief sighting)--0
Marca Huasi--0
Progen (Land of Oz)--0
Human NRG--0
Hyperreal (Selector mix)--0
What's Going Down?--0
Knature of a Girl--0
Shitting on Britain--0
Hyperreal (Peel session 12 Feb 1991)--0
Ebeneezer Goode (Mark Goodier session 12 Sept 1992)--0
Boss Drum (Mark Goodier session 12 Sept 1992)--0
Make It Mine (Peel session 12 Feb 1991)--0
Make It Mine (Pro-gress I Instrumental)--0
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