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The Unseen

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Step Inside...Take Your Life--1
At Point Break--0
Such Tragedy--0
The Brutal Truth (Intro)--0
No Direction--0
In Your Place--0
Your Failure Is My Revenge--0
Talking Bombs--0
Act the Part--0
Left For Dead--0
Stay Gold--0
Paint It Black--0
You Can Never Go Home--0
Weapons of Mass Deception--0
Social Damage--0
Waste of Time--0
Final Execution (Armageddon)--0
Flames Have Destroyed--0
We Are All That We Have--0
Hit and Run--0
Don't Look Back--0
Fuck the KKK--0
I Don't Care--0
Stand Up and Fight (Split 7" with Toxic Narcotic)--0
Scream Out (Demo)--0
Final Execution--0
Keep Us Down--0
Fed Up--0
Remains unseen--0
Tsunami Suicide--0
Negative Outlook--0
Useless Regrets--0
Boston United--0
Who's Who?--0
Protect and Serve--0
New World Disorder--0
Coincidence or Consequence?--0
Children of the Revolution--0
Are We Dead Yet?--0
What Happened--0
Violence in Our Minds--0
ADD (Unreleased Bonus Tracks)--0
Stand Up and Fight--0
Punks Attack--0
Piss Off--0
Greed Is a Disease--0
There's Still Hope--0
Dead and Gone--0
Torn and Shattered (Nothing Left)--0
Live In Fear--0
So Sick of You--0
Where Have You Gone--0
What Are You Gonna Do?--0
On The Other Side--0
Scream Out--0
Let It Go--0
Right Before Your Eyes--0
Dead Weight Falls--0
The End Is Near--0
Don't Be Fooled--0
Cultural Genocide--0
Social Security--0
Too Young to Know...Too Reckless to Care--0
No Evacuation--0
Goodbye America--0
New World Fodder--0
False Hopetrad0
Unseen Class--0
What Are We Waiting For?--0
Police Brutality--0
Fight for a Better Life--0
Never Forget--0
Beat It--0
So This Is Freedom--0
Sent to Die--0
Something to Say--0
Give Into Hate--0
No Master Race--0
No Turning Back--0
The Anger and the Truth--0
1000 Miles--0
In the City--0
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