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The Used lyrics
Fiche de The Used

The Used

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On My Own - Live--1
Buried Myself Alivetrad0
On My Own (Alternate Live Version)--0
I'm a Fake / Back of Your Mouth--0
Cold War Telescreen--0
Rise Up Lights--0
Vertigo Cave--0
Funeral Post--0
Upper Falls--0
The Divine Absence (This Is Water)--0
Selfies In Aleppo--0
About You (No Songs Left to Sing)--0
Now That You’re Dead--0
Empty With You (Alternate Live Version)--0
I Come Alive (Revolvr & Danny Mihai Remix)--0
Lunacy Fringe (Alternate Live Version)--0
On My Own (Acoustic Version from Sessions) [Bonus Track]--0
I Caught Fire (Instrumental Version)--0
All That I've Got (Instrumental Version)--0
Cut Up Angels (Instrumental Version)--0
Yesterday's Feelings (Instrumental Version)--0
Light With a Sharpened Edge (Instrumental Version)--0
Just a Little (Unreleased Track from Debut Album)--0
Sometimes I Just Go for It (Unreleased Music for Song Idea from Debut Album)--0
I'm a Fake (Amended Album Version)--0
Hands and Faces (Bobby Alt Remix)--0
Put Me Out (Kraddy Remix)--0
Pieces Mended / Polly / Choke Me--0
Sound Effects and Overdramatics (Instrumental Version)--0
Empty With You (Acousic Version from Sessions)--0
Take It Away (live at Soma)--0
Zero Mechanism (Home demo)--0
Something Safe (Demo)--0
Take It Away (album version w/intro edit)--0
Empty With You (Acoustic Version from Sessions) [Bonus Track]--0
Alone This Holiday (Recorded for KROQ Christmas Album)--0
All That I've Got (Album Version)--0
Maybe Memories / New Noise--0
I Come Alive (Revolvr and Danny Mahai Remix)--0
Put Me Out (acoustic)--0
Greener With the Scenery (demo version)--0
All That I've Got (live at Soma)--0
Tunnel (Live)--0
Take It Away (Instrumental Version)--0
Lunacy Fringe (Live)--0
Paralyzed (Live)--0
All That I've Got (Live)--0
Hard to Say (Live)--0
I Come Alive (Revolvr and Danny Mihai Remix)--0
On My Own - Sessions--0
Empty With You - Sessions--0
Take It Away - Live - Vancouver--0
Hard To Say - Live - Vancouver--0
Listening - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
In A Needle - Non-Album Track--0
Pain - Non-Album Track--0
Pieces Mended - w/ Hidden tracks "Polly" and "Choke Me"--0
On My Own (Acousic Version from Sessions)--0
Lunacy Fringe (Acousic Version from Sessions)--0
Moving the Mountain (Odysseus Surrenders)--0
On The Cross - Save Yourself Mix--0
Liar Liar [Burn In Hell] - Amended Version--0
Take It Away - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
The Taste Of Ink - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
All That I've Got - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
Blue And Yellow - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
I'm A Fake - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
Hard To Say - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
Maybe Memories - Live - Vancouver Amended--0
Take It Away - Instrumental--0
I Caught Fire - Instrumental--0
Cut Up Angels - Instrumental--0
All That I've Got - Amended--0
Lunacy Fringe (Acoustic Version from Sessions) [Bonus Track]--0
I'm A Fake - Live - Vancouver--0
Mosh 'n Church (Demo Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Let It Bleed (Instrumental Version)--0
Listening (Instrumental Version)--0
Hard to Say (Instrumental Version)--0
Lunacy Fringe (Instrumental Version)--0
I'm a Fake (Instrumental Version)--0
All That I've Got - Radio Edit--0
Take It Away (radio edit)--0
The Quiet War--0
The Nexus--0
The Mouth of the Canyon--0
Take It Away (Live in Vancouver)--0
Maybe Memories - Live - Vancouver--0
Blue And Yellow - Live - Vancouver--0
I Come Alive (acoustic)--0
Say Days Ago (demo version)--0
The Taste of Ink (live from Channel V Australia)--0
The Bird And The Worm - A Cappella--0
The Bird And The Worm - Instrumental--0
Maybe Memories (Live)--0
A Box Full Of Sharp Objects - Live--0
Sometimes I Just Go For It--0
Blue + Yellow--0
A Box Full of Sharp Objects (demo version)--0
It Could Be a Good Excuse (demo version)--0
Just a Little (demo version)--0
Maybe Memories (demo version)--0
Poetic Tragedy (demo version)--0
The Taste of Ink (demo version)--0
All That I've Got - Live - Vancouver--0
Zero Mechanism (demo version)--0
All That I've Got (Edge Acoustic)--0
The Taste of Ink (live at Soma)--0
Slit Your Own Throat--0
My Pesticide--0
Lunacy Fringe (acoustic)--0
Yesterday's Feelings (Live)--0
Overdose (Live)--0
Imagine (Live)--0
Lunacy Fringe - Sessions--0
Listening - Live - Vancouver--0
I Caught Fire - Live - Vancouver--0
The Taste Of Ink - Live - Vancouver--0
Liar Liar (Burn in Hell)--0
Pretty Picture--0
All That I'Ve Gottrad0
Burning Down The Housetrad0
With Me Tonighttrad0
Wake The Deadtrad0
Find a Waytrad0
Just a Littletrad0
Empty With Youtrad0
Blood On My Handstrad0
Under Pressuretrad0
801 Undergroundtrad0
Alone This Holidaytrad0
Come Undonetrad0
The Bird And The Wormtrad0
Dark Daystrad0
Devil Beside Youtrad0
Goodbye To Youtrad0
Together Burning Brighttrad0
Meant To Dietrad0
Give Me Lovetrad0
I Come Alivetrad0
This Firetrad0
Hands And Facestrad0
Put Me Outtrad0
Now That You're Deadtrad0
Pretty Handsome Awkwardtrad0
Getting Over Youtrad0
Pieces Mendedtrad0
Smother Metrad0
Liar, Liar (burn In Hell)trad0
Maybe Memoriestrad0
The Taste Of Inktrad0
Say Days Agotrad0
Poetic Tragedytrad0
A Box Full Of Sharp Objectstrad0
Blue And Yellowtrad0
Greener With The Scenerytrad0
Noise And Kissestrad0
On My Owntrad0
Choke Metrad0
The Rippertrad0
Take It Awaytrad0
Take It Awaytrad0
I Caught Fire (in Your Eyes)trad0
Let It Bleedtrad0
Cut Up Angelstrad0
Yesterday's Feelingstrad0
Light With a Sharpened Edgetrad0
Sound Effects And Overdramaticstrad0
Hard To Saytrad0
Lunacy Fringetrad0
I'm a Faketrad0
Back Of Your Mouthtrad0
Moving Ontrad0
Kiss It Goodbyetrad0
Broken Windows--0
Money Monster--0
Imaginary Enemy--0
Kenna Song--0
Box Full of Sharp Objects--0
Mosh 'n' Church (Demo)--0
All That I've Got (acoustic)--0
Over and Over Again--0
The Taste of Ink (Live)--0
Together Burning Bright (acoustic)--0
The Back of Your Mouth--0
Bulimic - Home Demo--0
All That I've Got (Amended Album Version)--0
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