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Malcolm in the Middle--123
Boss Of Metrad30
S-E-X-X-Y (Live On Recovery)--3
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme--2
Hot Dog! (From "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse")--2
Whistling In The Darktrad1
Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go to Work)--1
Hate the Villanelle--1
Other Father Song--1
Now Is Strange--0
The World Before Later On--0
Words Are Like (demo)--0
The Mexican Drill--0
Mosh Momken Abadon--0
Oranges Testimonial--0
Man, It's So Loud in Here (Hot 2002 remix)--0
A Self Called Nowhere--0
Down to the Bottom of the Sea--0
Counterfeit Faker--0
Fibber Island--0
Dirt Bike--0
Extra Savoir-Faire--0
Scott Bower--0
Man, It's So Loud in Here (radio edit)--0
AKA Driver--0
Certain People I Could Name--0
Women & Men--0
Morgan in the Morning ID--0
I C U--0
Letter Shapes--0
Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?--0
Rolling O--0
Letter / Not a Letter--0
The Vowel Family--0
Return to the Planet of the Apes--0
Hopeless Bleak Despair--0
Q U--0
L M N O--0
Z Y X--0
No Plan B (live)--0
Dark and Metric--0
Kendra McCormick--0
My Other Phone Is a Boom Car--0
Metal Detector (live)--0
I Never Go to Work--0
I Hear a New World--0
Experimental Film--0
Ana Ng--0
Dig My Grave--0
Hell Hotel--0
Become a Robot--0
Au Contraire--0
Caroline, No--0
32 Footsteps--0
Chess Piece Face--0
Baroque Hoedown--0
Feast of Lights--0
Alphabet of Nations--0
Asbury Park--0
Birdhouse in Your Soul (live)--0
Dr. Worm (New York)--0
Drink (demo)--0
Alienation's for the Rich (demo)--0
All McGyver on It--0
Another First Kiss--0
Dollar for Dollar--0
1999 / Cowtown--0
Concrete and Clay--0
Drinkin' (live radio broadcast 1993)--0
Clap Your Hands--0
Planet of the Apes--0
Exquisite Dead Guy--0
Disappointing Show (live) - The Disappointers--0
25 O'Clock--0
Cyclops Rock--0
Ana Ng (alternate version)--0
Empty Bottle Collector--0
A Shooting Star Is Not a Star--0
Finished With Lies--0
Boat of Car--0
Fingertips (live 2001)--0
Leave Me Alone--0
Nine Bowls of Soup--0
Ten Mississippi--0
One Dozen Monkeys--0
Pirate Girls Nine--0
Number Two--0
Triops Has Three Eyes--0
High Five!--0
The Secret Life of Six--0
I Can Add--0
Mr. Klaw--0
Mink Car--0
Pictures of Pandas Painting--0
With the Dark--0
Memo to Human Resources--0
Ooh La! Ooh La!--0
One Two Three Four--0
John Lee Supertaster (live)--0
Which Describes How You're Feeling (demo version)--0
One Everything--0
Pencil Rain--0
Rotary Club--0
Upside Down Frown--0
Take out the Trash--0
Until My Head Falls Off--0
Yeh Yeh--0
My Evil Twin--0
Wake Up Call--0
Museum of Idiots--0
Shoehorn With Teeth--0
Withered Hope--0
Hide Away Folk Family--0
Rhythm Section Want Ad--0
Piece of Dirt--0
Hypnotist of Ladies--0
Put Your Hand on the Computer (Band Intros)--0
Wearing a Raincoat--0
Put Your Hand on the Computer--0
The Mesopotamians--0
It's Kicking In--0
The Biggest One--0
Kiss Me, Son of God (alternate version)--0
Swing Is a Word--0
Lazy Head and Sleepy Bones--0
I Am a Grocery Bag--0
I Hear the Wind Blow--0
The Big Big Whoredom--0
Weep Day--0
We Just Go Nuts at Christmastime--0
Hey Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal--0
Lady Is a Tramp--0
Kitten Intro--0
Where Do They Make Balloons?--0
The House At the Top of the Tree--0
Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand--0
I Heard a Sound--0
Mysterious Whisper--0
The Day That Love Came to Play--0
Flying V--0
Please Pass the Milk, Please--0
Stand on Your Own Head--0
Narrow Your Eyes--0
I Found a New Friend Underneath My Pillow--0
Mr. Me--0
The Spine Surfs Alone--0
Science Is Real--0
Meet the Elements--0
I Am a Paleontologist (feat. Danny Weinkauf)--0
The Bloodmobile--0
Rhythm Section Want Ad (live: 1985)--0
If I Wasn't Shy (live: 1992)--0
Now That I Have Everything--0
Mainstream U.S.A.--0
Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (original version)--0
I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You--0
My Brother the Ape--0
What Is a Shooting Star?--0
Solid Liquid Gas--0
The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)--0
You Are Old, Father William--0
Severe Tire Damage Theme--0
Speed and Velocity (feat. Marty Beller)--0
Why Does the Sun Really Shine?--0
Roy G. Biv--0
Put It to the Test--0
I Walk Along Darkened Corridors--0
Don't Let's Start (live)--0
Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes (live)--0
Youth Culture Killed My Dog (live)--0
Boat of Car (live)--0
Absolutely Bill's Mood (live)--0
Rabid Child (live)--0
32 Footsteps (live)--0
Let Me Tell You About My Operation--0
No Cops--0
Everything Right Is Wrong Again (live)--0
Number Three (live)--0
Chess Piece Face (live)--0
I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (live)--0
They Lady and the Tiger--0
Alphabet of Nations (Bonus Extended Version)--0
The Got Lost--0
Kiss Me, Sun of God (Alternate Version)--0
Empty Bottom Blues--0
Alienation's for the Rich (live)--0
The Day (live)--0
Rhythm Section Want Ad (live)--0
Words Are Like--0
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar--0
End of the Rope--0
Then the Kids Took Over--0
Say Nice Things About Detroit--0
What Did I Do to You?--0
I Made a Mess--0
Out of a Tree--0
So Crazy for Books--0
I Am Alone--0
Or So I Have Read--0
I Just Want to Dance--0
Another Weirdo--0
Impossibly New--0
Thinking Machine--0
Starry Eyes--0
I Haven't Seen You in Forever--0
Bills, Bills, Bills--0
I Am Invisible--0
Walking My Cat Named Dog--0
Hopeless Bleak Dispair--0
Cloissonné (Live Studio Version)--0
By the Time You Get This--0
An Insult to the Fact Checkers--0
Lake Monsters--0
Mccafferty's Bib--0
All Time What--0
I’m Your Boyfriend Now--0
The Guitar (UK single edit)--0
Don't Cry--0
The Greatest--0
Mrs. Bluebeard--0
Let's Get This over With--0
The Bright Side--0
I Left My Body--0
Happy Doesn't Have to Have an Ending--0
Last Wave--0
When the Light Comes On--0
I Like Fun--0
Push Back the Hands--0
This Microphone--0
It Was a Very Good Year--0
Spy (Unreleased Live Version)--0
It's Kickin' in--0
Boss of Me (short version)--0
Mystery Track--0
Turtle Songs of North America--0
Which Describes How You're Feeling (demo)--0
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse--0
Fingertips 1: Everything Is Catching On Fire--0
Fingertips 2: Fingertips--0
Fingertips 15: I Cannot Understand U--0
The Alphabet of Nations--0
Hi, We're the Replacements--0
Birdhouse In Your Soul - Remastered--0
Tubthumping (feat. The Onion Av Club Choir)--0
Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May--0
Morgan In the Morning--0
Birdhouse In Your Soul (Remastered Version)--0
Boss of Me (TV version)--0
Hey Now Everybody Now--0
The Other Side of the World--0
Sold My Mind to the Kremlin--0
I Love You for Psychological Reasons--0
Boss of Me (instrumental)--0
Bee of the Bird of the Moth--0
E Eats Everything--0
Hearing Aid--0
Bed, Bed, Bed (live)--0
Heart of the Band--0
Apartment Four--0
Figure Eight--0
Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip--0
Even Numbers--0
Actual Size--0
For Science--0
Electric Car (feat. Robin Goldwasser)--0
Computer Assisted Design--0
Birds Fly--0
Become A Robot (live: 1985)--0
Boat of Car (live: 1992)--0
Critic Intro--0
Fake Out in Buenos Aires--0
Greek #3--0
Here Come the 123s--0
Dinner Bell--0
Christmas Cards--0
Bastard Wants to Hit Me--0
Damn Good Times (live)--0
Damn Good Times (live Almanac)--0
Alienation's for the Rich (rhythm section instrumental)--0
Boat of Car (rhythm section instrumental)--0
Dr. Evil--0
Hello Radio--0
Dr. Worm (live)--0
I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die--0
Diving Board--0
E Eats Everything (Elegant Too remix)--0
Careful What You Pack--0
Famous Polka--0
Everything Right Is Wrong Again--0
Damn Good Times--0
Cage and Aquarium--0
(She Was a) Hotel Detective in the Future--0
Four Of Two--0
Bed Bed Bed--0
Doris Cunningham--0
Counterfeit Fake--0
Fun Assassin--0
Canada Haunts Me--0
Got Getting up so Down--0
Broke in Two--0
Disappointing Show--0
Greasy Kid Stuff--0
Haunted Floating Eye--0
Cast Your Pod to the Wind--0
Empty Bottle Blues--0
Black Ops Alt--0
I Wasn't Listening--0
Black Ops (alt. version)--0
Rock Club--0
I'll Be Haunting You--0
To a Forest--0
It Said Something--0
No One Know My Plan--0
Shape Shifter--0
College Town--0
Feign Amnesia--0
Climbing the Walls--0
Fingertips (reprise)--0
First Kiss--0
About Me--0
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes--0
All Alone All Alone--0
Come On and Wreck My Car--0
Hey Now Everybody--0
Careless Santa--0
Cage & Aquarium--0
Hall of Heads--0
Escape From the Planet of the Apes--0
Battle for the Planet of the Apes--0
C Is for Conifers--0
Fake-Believe (Type B)--0
D Is for Drums--0
Goodnight My Friends--0
Can You Find It?--0
Beneath the Planet of the Apes--0
Go for G!--0
D & W--0
Alphabet Lost and Found--0
I Enjoy Being a Boy--0
The Darlings of Lumberland--0
Stuff is Way--0
Decision Makers--0
Insect Hospital--0
Too Tall Girl--0
Mr Xcitement--0
When Will You Die--0
The Army’s Tired Now--0
I'm Sick (Of This American Life)--0
I Can’t Hide From My Mind--0
Black Ops--0
Lost My Mind--0
Schoolchildren Singing “Particle Man”--0
Birdhouse in Your Soul (live: STD)--0
The Oblongs Theme (instrumental)--0
Call You Mom--0
9 Secret Steps--0
Destroy the Past--0
It's Not My Birthday--0
Don’t Let’s Start (single remix)--0
I'm Def--0
Don’t Let’s Start (demo version)--0
Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) [Live Version]--0
Doctor Worm (Bonus Live Version)--0
Put Your Hands On the Computer--0
Metal Detector (live At Coney Island)--0
No Plan B (live At Coney Island)--0
I’m Gettin’ Sentimental Over You (adaptation)--0
Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (The Sun Is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma)--0
Circular Karate Chop--0
Sometimes a Lonely Way--0
Didn’t Kill Me--0
Stone Cold Coup d’Etat--0
John Lee Supertaster (Live) [They Might Be Giants]--0
Choo Choo Express--0
She’s Actual Size (new live version)--0
I’m All You Can Think About--0
She Thinks She’s Edith Head--0
Cloisonné (live studio version)--0
200 Sbemails (for Homestar Runner)--0
O We--0
You Probably Get That a Lot (Elegant Too remix)--0
Santa’s Beard--0
If I Wasn't Shy--0
O Do Not Forsake Me (demo)--0
Unrelated Thing (demo)--0
She's Actual Size--0
Which Describes How You’re Feeling--0
Marty Beller Mask--0
Now I Know--0
In the Middle, In the Middle, In the Middle--0
Judy Is Your Viet Nam--0
Never Knew Love--0
The World’s Address (Joshua Fried remix)--0
Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople)--0
Read a Book--0
How Now Dark Cloud?--0
The Fellowship of Hell--0
Mountain Flowers--0
Stalk of Wheat (live)--0
Robot Parade (live)--0
We’re the Replacements--0
They'll Need a Crane--0
Your Mom’s Alright--0
The Cap’m--0
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Clothes--0
I'll Sink Manhattan--0
I’ve Got a Fang--0
You'll Miss Me--0
Alienation’s for the Rich--0
She’s an Angel--0
I'm Impressed--0
Absolutely Bill’s Mood--0
You Don’t Like Me--0
Alphabet of Nations (extended version)--0
Violin (live)--0
Clap Your Hands (live)--0
Here in Higglytown (Theme to Playhouse Disney’s Higglytown Heroes)--0
This Ape’s for You--0
Where Your Eyes Don’t Go--0
The World’s Address--0
I’ve Got a Match--0
Stalk of Wheat (Bonus Live Version)--0
Dr. Worm (Bonus Live Version)--0
Authenticity Trip--0
Money for Dope--0
Sleeping In the Flowers--0
Doom Doom--0
Can't Keep Johnny Down--0
Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) (live)--0
You’re on Fire--0
Snail Shell--0
The Guitar--0
Through Being Cool--0
Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)--0
We Want a Rock--0
The Guitar (Williamsburgh mix)--0
The End of the Tour--0
They Got Lost--0
Minimum Wage--0
The Statue Got Me High--0
Don't Let's Start (Alternate Version)--0
Your Racist Friendtrad0
Boss of Me (theme from Malcolm in the Middle)--0
Hot Dog!--0
Lucky Ball & Chaintrad0
Turn Aroundtrad0
Boss Of Me 2--0
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)trad0
Birdhouse In Your Soultrad0
Particle Mantrad0
Good to Be Alive--0
Robot Parade (adult version)--0
Definition of Good--0
Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2--0
Madam, I Challenge You to a Duel--0
Why Does the Sun Shine?--0
Let Your Hair Hang Down--0
Don't Let's Start (Single Mix)--0
We Live in a Dump--0
Boss of Me (original edit)--0
Baroque Hoedown (From Disney's Electrical Parade)--0
Don’t Let’s Start--0
She's an Angel (live)--0
Savoy Truffle--0
She's Actual Size (false start)--0
I Can Help the Next in Line--0
Kiss Me, Sun of God--0
Theme to Mcsweeney's--0
Here Come the ABCs--0
Dr Worm--0
John Lee Supertaster (Bonus Live Version)--0
Violin (Bonus Live Version)--0
Clap Your Hands (Bonus Live Version)--0
Robot Parade (Bonus Live Version)--0
Alphabet of Nations (Bonus Live Version)--0
Cloisonné (Live)--0
(She Was a) Hotel Detective (single mix)--0
’85 Radio Special Thank You--0
I’m a Coward--0
All the Lazy Boyfriends--0
Sketchy Galore--0
Theme From Flood--0
Destination Moon--0
All Alone--0
Space Suit--0
There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow--0
The Shadow Government--0
See the Constellation--0
You're Not the Boss of Me Now--0
How Many Planets?--0
Birdhouse in Your Soul (alternate version)--0
Am I Awake?--0
Employee of the Month--0
Trouble Awful Devil Evil--0
And Mom and Kid--0
Underwater Woman--0
Brain Problem Situation--0
Doctor Worm--0
Here Comes Science--0
You Probably Get That a Lot--0
Mrs. Train--0
Snail Dust--0
The Army Is Tired Now--0
Hope That I Get Old Before I Die--0
(She Was a) Hotel Detective--0
Moving to the Sun--0
The Guitar (Even Further Outer Planet mix)--0
Stormy Pinkness--0
The Long Grift--0
Rabid Child--0
Youth Culture Killed My Dog--0
Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love--0
Road Movie to Berlin--0
Tippecanoe and Tyler Too--0
Purple Toupee--0
Women and Men--0
Hot Cha--0
The Day--0
Toddler Hiway--0
Lucky Ball and Chain--0
I Blame You--0
Welcome to the Jungle--0
They Might Be Giants--0
Nightgown of the Sullen Moon--0
Snowball in Hell--0
Spiralling Shape--0
Number Three--0
Stormy Pinkness (live in Berlin 1989)--0
Larger Than Life--0
Til My Head Falls Off--0
Spy (new live version)--0
The Famous Polka--0
My Man--0
Man... It's So Loud in Here--0
Museum of Idiots (live, 5 Piece TMBG)--0
The Guitar (Outer Planet mix)--0
When It Rains It Snows--0
Stormy Pinkness (Love version)--0
Working Undercover For the Man--0
One More Parade--0
Santa Claus--0
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (live)--0
The Famous Polka (rhythm section instrumental)--0
Los Angeles--0
Love Is Eternity--0
Renew My Subscription--0
Nothing's Going to Change My Clothes (rhythm section instrumental)--0
You'll Miss Me (rhythm section instrumental)--0
Maybe I Know (live)--0
O Tannenbaum--0
When Tornadoes Take Over the World--0
Spy (feat. Frank Black)--0
Taste the Fame--0
The Edison Museum (wax cylinder recording)--0
Yeah, the Deranged Millionaire--0
Miniature Sidewalk Whirlwind--0
Metal Detector (Podcast 5B version)--0
Spiraling Shapetrad0
Why Did You Grow a Beard?--0
Stalk of Wheat--0
Purple Toupee (live)--0
Living Doll--0
New Orleans--0
XTC vs. Adam Ant (live)--0
It's Kickin' In (Atlanta)--0
Thunderbird (New York)--0
Robot Parade--0
Kiss Me, Son of God--0
Why Does the Sun Shine? (live)--0
Spider (live)--0
O Do Not Forsake Me (live)--0
Particle Man (live)--0
I Am Not Your Broom--0
Rest Awhile (live)--0
Lie Still, Little Bottle--0
Man... It's So Loud In Here (Hot 2002 Mix) remixed by the Elegant Too--0
Summer Breeze--0
I Should Be Allowed to Think--0
Meet James Ensor--0
Maybe I Know--0
Operators Are Standing By--0
Unrelated Thing--0
4 of 2--0
I Am a Paleontologist--0
Electric Car--0
Speed and Velocity--0
Why Must I Be Sad?--0
Rat Patrol--0
Hovering Sombrero--0
In the Middle--0
John Lee Supertaster--0
Stomp Box--0
Out of Jail--0
O, Do Not Forsake Me--0
No One Knows My Plan--0
Instanbul (not Constantinople)--0
Kiss Me, Son of God (live)--0
Dog Walker--0
Three Might Be Duende--0
The Edison Museum--0
Spoiler Alert--0
The Lady and the Tiger--0
Old Pine Box--0
In Fact--0
Where Your Eyes Don't Go (demo) (clip)--0
Birds Fly (live)--0
Mario Speaks--0
It's Not My Birthday (demo)--0
Where Your Eyes Don't Go (demo)--0
When It Rains It Snows (live)--0
You'll Miss Me (1984 demo)--0
The World's Address (demo)--0
Shoehorn With Teeth (live)--0
Don't Let's Start (WFMU demo)--0
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You--0
Truth in Your Words--0
Your Mom's Alright (feat. Mike Doughty)--0
Monsters of Mud--0
Wicked Little Critta--0
Somebody Took My Eyeball--0
Hi Honey, I'm Home--0
Outboard Part of Man--0
Somebody's Body--0
The Big Big Whoredom (live demo)--0
I Palindrome I--0
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair--0
S-E-X-X-Y (radio mix)--0
We've Got a World That Swings--0
S-E-X-X-Y (The Warren Rigg Microwave mix)--0
On The Drag--0
Rocket Ship--0
Rest Awhile--0
I Am a Human Head--0
The Bells Are Ringing--0
I Can Hear You--0
If I Wasn't Shy (live 1993)--0
Tiny Doctors--0
Spy (demo)--0
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (live 1990)--0
Statue Got Me High--0
Lullaby to Nightmares--0
Token Back to Brooklyn--0
On Earth My Nina--0
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)--0
Mink Car (live 2001)--0
Your Own Worst Enemy--0
XTC vs. Adam Ant--0
James K. Polk--0
Pet Name--0
New York City--0
Metal Detector--0
Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head--0
Till My Head Falls Off--0
How Can I Sing Like a Girl?--0
Hi Everybody--0
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