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Third Day

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Your Words (feat. Harvest)--12
I Need a Miracle (Medium Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)--1
Praise the Invisible--1
Call My Name (Live)--1
I Need a Miracletrad1
Carry My Cross--1
Show Me Your Glory--1
Your Love Is Like a River--1
In Your Hands--1
Soul on Fire--1
Rock Star (Remastered)--0
You Are So Good to Me (Live in Atlanta, GA)--0
God of Wonders (Live in Philadelphia, PA)--0
Sing a Song (Remastered)--0
Come Together (Remastered)--0
Come On Back to Me (Remastered)--0
Come on Back to Me (Live)--0
Wire (Live)--0
'Til the Day I Die (Live)--0
Blackbird (Live)--0
I Believe (Live)--0
Sing a Song (Live)--0
I Got a Feeling (Live)--0
It's a Shame (Live)--0
I Believe (Remastered)--0
Did You Mean It--0
Livin' for Jesus--0
What Good--0
Have Mercy--0
How's Your Head--0
What Have You Got to Lose--0
Tunnel (Savage Headlight Mix)--0
Blessed Assurance (Live in Atlanta, GA)--0
Nothing Compares (Remastered)--0
Tunnel (Remastered)--0
Movin' On Up (Remastered)--0
I Can Feel It (Live in Atlanta, GA)--0
I've Always Love You ("Steel" Mix)--0
My Hope Is You 2006--0
Cry Out to Jesus (Live in Mobile, AL)--0
Slow Down (Live)--0
Consuming Fire (New mix)--0
The First Noel--0
Joy to the World--0
She Sings In Riddles (From Rare 1999 EP)--0
Movin' on Up--0
Your Love o Lord--0
I See Love--0
That's How the Story Goes--0
The Sun Is Shining--0
Carry Me Home--0
Your Love Endures--0
Give Me a Reason--0
The Everlasting--0
She Sings in Riddles--0
Show Me Your Glory (Worldwide Groove Mix)--0
Trust in Jesus (iTunes Session)--0
This Is Who I Am (Live)--0
Run to You (Live)--0
Cry Out to Jesus (AC Mix)--0
More to This--0
I Will Always Be True (Live)--0
Revelation (Live)--0
Cry Out to Jesus (Live)--0
Forever (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Revival (Radio Mix)--0
Love Heals Your Hurt--0
Thief 2006--0
I Need a Miracle (iTunes Session)--0
Faithful and True--0
Great God Almighty--0
Faithful and True (First Take)--0
Rockstar (Live)--0
King Of Glory (Live)--0
Love Song - (Live) [Ghost Track]--0
Consuming Fire - (Live)--0
Thief - (Live)--0
Your Love Is Like a River (iTunes Session)--0
Thank You All--0
Trust In Jesus (High Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]--0
Trust In Jesus (With Background Vocals) [Performance Track]--0
Lift Up Your Face (Moak Mix) [Bonus Track]--0
My Hope Is You - (Live)--0
Angus Dei/Worthy, You Are Worthy - (Live)--0
I've Always Loved You (album version)--0
I've Always Loved You (radio edit)--0
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus--0
Love Song (Live)--0
Sky Falls Down (remastered)--0
Your Love Oh Lord - (Live)--0
Your Love Oh Lord (remastered)--0
Trust In Jesus (Medium Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]--0
Trust In Jesus (Low Without Background Vocals) [Performance Track]--0
New Creation--0
Loves Me Like a Rock--0
Gather Round Now--0
Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus--0
Anything Is Possible--0
The Return (Bonus Track)--0
You Redeemed Me (Bonus Track)--0
Let There Be Light--0
Leave This World Behind--0
I Need a Miracle (High Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)--0
I Need a Miracle (With Background Vocals) (Performance Track)--0
I've Always Loved You - Live--0
I Need a Miracle (Low Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)--0
Lift Up Your Face (Moak Mix)--0
Gonna Be There with Me--0
Faith, Hope and Love--0
I Remember You--0
Skies Fall Down--0
Thank You All (Studio Version)--0
It's About Time--0
You Are Not Alone--0
Did Ya Mean It (remix)--0
Praise Song (Opus 2)--0
Simply Amazin'--0
Long Time Comin'--0
Manger Throne--0
Who I Am--0
Sky Falls Down (Live)--0
Gomer's Theme--0
1000 Years--0
Cross Of Nails--0
God of Wonders (feat. Caedmon's Call)--0
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel--0
Sometimes (Blues Song)--0
Falling to Pieces--0
Have Mercy (New mix)--0
Alien (live in Columbus, Ohio 1999)--0
Blackbird (live in St. Louis, Missouri 1998)--0
Long Time Comin' (From Rare 1999 EP)--0
Did Ya Mean It--0
Sky Fall Down--0
Praise Song (Reprise)--0
I've Always Loved You ('Steel mix')--0
My Hope Is You 2006 (New Recording)--0
What Child Is This?--0
Born In Bethlehem--0
Cry Out to Jesus (remix)--0
Nothing at All (New mix)--0
Forever (New mix)--0
Who I Am (New mix)--0
Thief 2006 (New Recording)--0
This Song Was Meant for You--0
Never Bow Down--0
Nothing Compares--0
Lift Up Your Face--0
Morning Has Broken--0
Take Me Back--0
This Is Who I Am--0
You Are Mine--0
Run to You--0
Come On Back to Me--0
Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)--0
Hit Me Like a Bomb--0
I Want to Believe in You--0
Sing a Song--0
Consuming Fire--0
Sound of Your Voice--0
Take My Life--0
My Hope Is You--0
These Thousand Hills--0
Nothing At All--0
All the Heavens--0
I've Always Loved You--0
Let Me Love You--0
Blessed Assurance--0
Make Your Move--0
Time's Running Out On Me--0
Give Love--0
I Believe--0
Slow Down--0
Forever Yours--0
The Victory--0
Your Love Is Like a River (Live)--0
When the Rain Comes--0
Trust In Jesus--0
God of Wonders--0
Your Love Oh Lord--0
Soul On Fire (Live)--0
He Is Alive--0
Our Deliverer--0
King of Glory--0
Call My Name--0
Cry Out To Jesus--0
Children of God--0
Born Again--0
In Jesus' Name (feat. Michael W. Smith, Natalie Grant and Michael Tait)--0
Father of Lights--0
Mountain of God--0
Love Song--0
Mountain of God (Live)--0
Children of God (Live)--0
For the Rest of My Life--0
Trust In Jesus (Live)--0
Kicking and Screaming--0
Follow Me There (Live)--0
Offering (Live)--0
Lead Us Back--0
I Know You Can--0
The One I Love--0
You Are My Everything--0
You Are So Good to Me--0
Agnus Dei--0
Take It All--0
You Make Me Mad--0
Can't Take the Pain--0
Give / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / With or Without You / Your Love Oh Lord (medley)--0
I Can Feel It--0
Christmas Like a Child--0
Rise Up--0
Love Heals Your Heart--0
Took My Place--0
Sing Praises--0
Mountain of God (Remastered)--0
I Will Always Be True--0
Other Side--0
Follow Me There--0
40 Days--0
You're Everywhere--0
Away In a Manger--0
Merry Christmas--0
I'll Be Your Miracle--0
Angus Dei/Worthy, You Are Worthy--0
Creed (Live in Portland, ME)--0
I Don't Know--0
Don't Say Goodbye--0
Sky Falls Down--0
Show Me Your Glory (Remastered)--0
When Love Comes to Town (Live)--0
King of Glory (remastered)--0
Love Song (New mix)--0
Agnus Dei / Worthy (remastered)--0
Otherside (Live)--0
Let There Be Light (Original Cut)--0
Silent Night--0
Angels We Have Heard On High--0
I Will Hold My Head High--0
I Got a Feeling--0
Jesus, Light of the World--0
Caught Up In Yourself--0
Angus Dei--0
When Love Comes to Town--0
It's a Shame--0
'Til the Day I Die--0
I Got You--0
Come Together--0
Holy Spirit--0
May Your Wonders Never Cease--0
Do You Hear What I Hear?--0
Cry Out to Jesus (Wherever You Are)--0
Everywhere You Go--0
San Angelo--0
Billy Brown--0
Keep On Shinin'--0
How Do You Know--0
O Holy Night--0
O Come All Ye Faithful--0
City on a Hill--0
Agnus Dei / Worthy--0
Praise Song--0
Don't Give Up Hope--0
Get On--0
My Heart--0
Still Listening--0
It's Alright--0
I Deserve?--0
parole traduction visites
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