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Interprète This Is Me Breathing

Paroles de la chanson M.D.P.O.P.E par This Is Me Breathing lyrics officiel

M.D.P.O.P.E est une chanson en Anglais

Hell is empty and all the devil's are here(x3)

When the night comes
I breathe the smoke
Devoured by nothingness
I rejoice in the carelessness

Embrace depravity
Forsake reality
Commune with the chalice of your regret
Bask in the glory of what comes next
Circling the drain once more
Unclean life feeble whore
Your words can't hold their fucking weight with your head on my plate

I could feel the terror leave their eyes as they fade
Calling out to the sky in a choir of unheard screams
No hope from above
Only judgement below

Oh, sweet silence the secrets it keeps and the red pours around my feet
Dear lord welcome your child home he couldn't leave well enough alone

Hell is empty and all the devil's are here
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