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Toto lyrics
Fiche de Toto


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Bottom of Your Soul--3
2 Hearts--3
Child's Anthem--2
Wings of Time--2
St. George and the Dragon--2
Hold The Linetrad2
Till the End (Live)--1
Waiting for Your Love (Live)--1
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live)--1
Love Isn't Always on Time (Instrumental Live)--1
Kingdom of Desire--1
Rosanna - Live--1
Don't Stop Me Now (instrumental)--1
Baba Mnumzane--1
Till The End - Live--1
Caught in the Balance--1
Miss Sun--1
Georgy Porgy (feat. Cheryl Lynn)--1
I Won't Hold You Back--1
Stop Loving Youtrad1
Right Part of Me--1
Drag Him to the Roof--1
The Turning Point--1
Spanish Sea--1
The Seventh One--1
I'll Be Over You - Live--1
Georgy Porgy - Live--1
The Muse--1
King Of The Worldtrad1
Lovers in the Night--1
Secrets of the Fremen--0
We Can Make It Tonight--0
On the Run--0
Mrs. Johnson--0
Last Night--0
Riding the Sandworm--0
Reunion With Gurney--0
The Sleeper Has Awakened!--0
Modern Eyes--0
On the Run (Live)--0
Let It Go--0
No End In Sight--0
Taint Your World--0
Simple Life--0
Til the End--0
Guitar Solo--0
St. George & The Dragon--0
Georgy Porgy (disco version)--0
Gypsy Train--0
Dying On My Feet--0
Rosanna (album version)--0
Black Eye--0
The Fremen--0
Intro / Child's Anthem and Rosanna--0
Better World, Parts I, II & III--0
High Price of Hate--0
Out of Love (acoustic)--0
Little Wing (live)--0
The Road Goes On (acoustic)--0
You Are the Flower (acoustic)--0
Mama (acoustic)--0
Stay Away--0
Maiden Voyage / Butterfly--0
Change of Heart--0
Mysterious Ways--0
Dave's Gone Skiing--0
Jake to the Bone--0
Luke Solo--0
One Road--0
The Box--0
Robot Fight--0
Spanish Steps--0
Tale of a Man--0
Georgy Porgy (Special 12" disco mix)--0
Home of the Brave (Live)--0
With a Little Help from My Friends (Live)--0
Don't Chain My Heart (Live)--0
Kingdom of Desire (Live)--0
Hydra (Live)--0
99 (Live)--0
Mama (Live Acoustic Version)--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (live album version)--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (live edit)--0
Stop Loving You (album version)--0
Stanger in Town--0
First Attack--0
Dune (Desert Theme)--0
Prologue / Main Title--0
Guild Report--0
It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry--0
Watching the Detectives--0
Burn Down the Mission--0
House Atreides--0
Paul Atreides--0
The Betrayal / Shields Down--0
Sandworm Attack--0
The Trip to Arrakis--0
Never Enough--0
Living for the City--0
Paul Kills Feyd--0
Big Battle--0
Paul Takes the Water of Life--0
Paul Meets Chani--0
Final Dream--0
I Can't Get Next to You--0
Time Is the Enemy--0
Baby He's Your Man--0
Sandworm Chase--0
It's a Feeling (Live)--0
The Turning Point (European Remix)--0
Simon Solo (Live)--0
Melanie (Radio Edit)--0
Mushanga (European Re-Mix)--0
Il rapimento--0
Simon Solo--0
Trip to Arrakis--0
Kingdom of Desire (Live At Montreux / 1991)--0
Roseanna (Instrumental Live)--0
Africa (Instrumental Live)--0
Greg Solo--0
Totò risponde al telefono--0
Nun si 'na femmena--0
Medley: (Live)--0
Angel Don’t Cry--0
Afraid of Love (5.1 mix)--0
Rosanna (5.1 mix)--0
Can’t Stand It Any Longer--0
It's a Feelin' (Live)--0
The Muse (Live)--0
Esperando Tu Llamada--0
La mazurka di Totò--0
Greg Solo (Live)--0
Intro 13 (Live)--0
Africa (Live At Montreux / 1991)--0
I'll Be Over You - Radio Edit--0
Angela - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
I Won't Hold You Back - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Georgy Porgy - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
I'll Be Over You - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
I'll Supply the Love - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Africa - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Little Wing - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Rosanna - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Don't Chain My Heart - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Angel Don't Cry - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Kingdom of Desire - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Gypsy Train - Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92--0
Don’t Stop Me Now--0
Georgy Porgy (Masterpiece Armand Van Helden Edit)--0
Mama - Live Acoustic Version--0
Can You Hear What I'm Saying - European Re-Mix--0
Lion - Live--0
Miss mia cara Miss (Radio Edit)--0
'A Livella--0
Angel Don't Cry (Live: Universal Amphitheater, LA 14 Dec '92)--0
ロザーナ (ライヴ)--0
Lion (Live)--0
Por Amor--0
Luzingo Malembe--0
Gift With A Golden Gun - Live--0
Bodhisattva - Live--0
Goodbye Elenore - Live--0
Girl Goodbye - Live--0
Kingdom of Desire - Live--0
Waiting For Your Love - Live--0
English Eyes - Live--0
Rosanna - Live Version--0
Tale Of A Man - Live Version--0
Caught In the Balance - Live Version--0
Afraid Of Love - Live--0
Gift of the Faith--0
Don't Chain My Heart - Live--0
Goin' Home - Live--0
Hydra - Live--0
On the Run - Live--0
Drag Him to the Roof (Live)--0
Kick Down the Walls--0
St. George and the Dragon - Live--0
Wings of Time - Live--0
Home of the Brave - Live--0
Better World - Live--0
White Sister - Live--0
I Won't Hold You Back - Live--0
Million Miles Away - Live Version--0
Gift With A Golden Gun (Ao Vivo)--0
Goin' Home - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Hydra - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Home Of The Brave - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Hold The Line - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Africa - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
St George And The Dragon - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
I'll Be Over You - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
I Won't Hold You Back - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Falling In Between - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Wings Of Time - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Rosanna - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Better World - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
White Sister - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Better World - Live Version--0
The Road Goes On - Live Acoustic Version--0
Africa (Ao Vivo)--0
You Are the Flower - Live Acoustic Version--0
Girl Goodbye - Live Version--0
Till The End (Ao Vivo)--0
Rosanna - 1982 Digital Remaster;--0
Africa - Instrumental Live--0
Out Of Love - Album Version Re-Mix--0
With a Little Help from My Friends - Live--0
She Knows the Devil--0
I Will Remember (European Remix)--0
Without Your Love--0
While My Guitar Gently Weeps--0
The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)--0
Home of the Brave--0
Hold the Line (album version)--0
Love Has the Power--0
Make Believe--0
Girl Goodbye--0
Rosanna [Single Version]--0
I Won't Hold You Back (Live)--0
Africa (Live)--0
All Us Boys--0
I'll Be Over You (Live)--0
Takin' It Back--0
Africa - Single Version--0
Hold the Line (Live)--0
Rosanna (Live)--0
Only You--0
Hold The Line (wEVH)--0
Don't Chain My Heart--0
If You Belong to Me--0
Till The End--0
White Sister--0
The Road Goes On--0
Mad About You--0
Take My Hand--0
A Secret Love--0
Just Can't Get to You--0
The Other End Of Time--0
Slipped Away--0
Somewhere Tonight--0
It's a Feeling--0
Rosanna - Single Version--0
Hold The Line - Single Version--0
I Won't Hold Back--0
English Eyes--0
Goodbye Elenore--0
A Secreat Love--0
Pamela (Live)--0
Goin' Home--0
With a Little Help from My Friends--0
Don't Stop Me Now--0
7Elmetado 2--0
Love Is a Man's Worldtrad0
Angel Don't Crytrad0
I Think I Could Stand You Forevertrad0
I'll Be Over You--0
A Thousand Years--0
I Will Remember--0
Waiting for Your Love--0
I'll be All Over You--0
Falling In Betweentrad0
Holy Wartrad0
Georgy Porgytrad0
After You've Gonetrad0
House Of The Rising Suntrad0
I Wont Hold You Backtrad0
Manuela Runtrad0
All The Tears That Shinetrad0
21st Century Bluestrad0
You Are The Flowertrad0
Stranger in Town--0
I'll Supply the Love--0
The Other Side--0
Straight From the Heart--0
How Does It Feel--0
Running Out of Time--0
Great Expectations--0
Hold the Line - Live--0
Africa (funky remix)--0
Could You Be Loved--0
The Little Things--0
Out of Love--0
I'll Be Over You (Live At Montreux / 1991)--0
12. Africa--0
Straight for the Heart--0
アイル・ビー・オーヴァー・ユー (ライヴ)--0
Good for You--0
Africa [single version]--0
Could This Be Love--0
Africa (Album Version)--0
Only the Children--0
I'll Be Over You (acoustic)--0
Can't Stand It Any Longer--0
99 (live acoustic)--0
It's a Feelin'--0
Intro 13--0
If It's the Last Night--0
Georgie Porgy--0
You Are the Flower (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Out of Love (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Million Miles Away (Live)--0
Tale of a Man (Live)--0
Hash Pipe--0
Can You Hear What I'm Saying (European Re-Mix)--0
Prophecy Theme--0
Goin' Home (Live)--0
St George and the Dragon (Live)--0
On the Run (Live At Montreux / 1991)--0
Por Beber--0
I Will Remember - Single Version--0
Out Of Love - Live Acoustic Version--0
Rosanna (Live At Montreux / 1991)--0
The Road Goes On (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Better World (Live)--0
Stop Loving You (Live)--0
Caught In the Balance (Live)--0
Bottom of Your Soul (Live)--0
King of the World (Live)--0
Cruel (Live)--0
I'll Supply the Love (Live)--0
Taint Your World (Live)--0
Luke Solo (Live)--0
Gift of Faith (Live)--0
Isolation (Live)--0
Falling In Between (Live)--0
Afraid of Love (Live)--0
Miss... mia cara miss--0
Spanish Steps (Live Version)--0
White Sister (Live)--0
Girl Goodbye (Live)--0
Goodbye Elenore (Live)--0
English Eyes (Live)--0
Bodhisattva (Live)--0
Gift With a Golden Gun (Live)--0
Child's Anthem (Live)--0
How Many Times (Live)--0
Wings of Time (Live)--0
Afraid of Love--0
Better World--0
Million Miles Away--0
Mr. Friendly--0
Prelude (Take My Hand)--0
No Love--0
Last Love--0
Rosanna (live album version)--0
Rosanna (Remastered)--0
Main Title--0
A livella--0
On the Run/ Child's Anthem/ Goodbye Elenore (Medley)--0
Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey)--0
99 (Single Version)--0
Better World, Pts. 1-3--0
Turn Back--0
Georgy Porgy (Live)--0
Can You Hear What I'm Saying--0
Carme'... Carme'--0
Gift of Faith--0
Sunshine of Your Love--0
Ame Ndu Ku Sole--0
Bues Sem Chão--0
Melanie - Radio Edit--0
Pamela - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Medley: On The Run / Child's Anthem / Goodbye Elenore--0
We Made It--0
Africa (5.1 mix)--0
Stop Loving You - Live At The Atlas Arena, Poland / 2013--0
Africa - Live--0
Gift With a Golden Gun--0
These Chains--0
You Got Me--0
In a Word--0
Live for Today--0
A Million Miles Away--0
How Many Times--0
Spiritual Man--0
Pamela (album version)--0
Little Wing--0
Gypsy Train (Live)--0
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