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Uriah Heep

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Beautiful Dream--3
Lady In Blacktrad2
Rock 'n' roll Medley (Live)--2
Come Back to Me--1
Return to Fantasy (Live)--1
Easy Livin'trad1
Circle Of Hands (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--1
Lucy Bluestrad1
Tales (Live)--1
Circus (Live Acoustic Version, Recorded 2000)--1
The Magician's Birthday (2017 Remastered)--1
Easy Livin' (Film Mix)--1
Look At Yourself (BBC Session Edit)--1
Only Human (Live)--1
I'll Keep On Tryingtrad1
Between Two Worlds--1
Walking In Your Shadowtrad1
I'll Keep Trying - Live--0
Born In a Trunk (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]--0
Wizard (Live)--0
Why Did You Go (Live)--0
Cross That Line (Live)--0
The Shadows and the Wind (Live)--0
The Golden Palace (Live)--0
Come Back to Me (Live)--0
Echoes in the Dark (Live)--0
Circus (Live)--0
Easy Livin' - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
July Morning - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
The Wizard - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
That's The Way That It Is - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Pacific Highway - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Who Needs Me - Alt. Live version--0
Rockarama - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Mister Majestic - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Corina - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
More Fool You (Live)--0
Different World (Live)--0
Sweet Lorraine - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Woman Of The Night - Alt. Live version--0
Stealin' - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Bird Of Prey - Live in Moscow, 1987--0
Wonderworld (Live)--0
Easy Livin' - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Gimme Love--0
My Joanna Needs Tuning--0
Tin Soldier--0
Playing for Time--0
Son of a Bitch--0
Shout It Out--0
Holy Roller--0
Love Machine (single edit)--0
Gypsy (single edit)--0
Fallin in Love--0
Come Away Melinda (alternative version 2)--0
Who Needs Me (live version)--0
Love, Hate and Fear (Out-take)--0
Stones Throw (Out-take)--0
Gypsy - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Tears In My Eyes - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Circle Of Hands - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Look At Yourself - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
The Magician's Birthday - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
July Morning - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Cheat 'N' Lie (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
So Tired (live)--0
I Won't Mind (live)--0
Falling In Love - Alt. Live version--0
Sunrise - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Traveller In Time - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Love Machine - Live At Birmingham Odeon/1973--0
Mr. Majestic (Recorded Live at Central Television)--0
Easy Livin' (Recorded 1979)--0
Sweet Lorraine (Recorded Live 1973)--0
Different World (Live Acoustic Version, Recorded 2000)--0
Falling In Love (Alternate Live Version)--0
Rockarama (Recorded Live 1985)--0
Sympathy (Recorded Live 2001)--0
Bad Blood (Recorded Live 1985)--0
Mr. Majestic (Recorded Live 1987)--0
Gypsy (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Tears In My Eyes (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Circle of Hands (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Look At Yourself (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Love Machine (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Magicians Birthday (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Gypsy (Recorded 1997)--0
Sunrise (Live Version)--0
What's Within My Heart (Out-take from 'Look At Yourself' Sessions)--0
A Far Better Way--0
What Can I Do (Bonus Track)--0
The Easy Road (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Live Version)--0
Something or Nothing (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Live Version)--0
Easy Livin' (Film Mix Version)--0
Gypsy (Radio Version)--0
July Morning (Live Version)--0
Traveller In Time (Live Version)--0
Tears In My Eyes (Live Version)--0
Circle of Hands (Live Version)--0
Love Machine (Live Version)--0
The Magician's Birthday (Live Version)--0
July Morning (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Easy Livin' (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Gypsy (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Extended Version)--0
Come Away Melinda (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Version)--0
Stealin' (Remastered Version)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Version)--0
Falling In Love (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Alternate Live Version)--0
Home Again to You (Demo from 'Demons And Wizards' Sessions)--0
Woman of the Night (Bonus Track: Previously Unreleased Alternate Live Version)--0
Corina (Alternate Live Version from Moscow Concerts)--0
Too Scared to Run (Alternate Live Version from Moscow Concerts)--0
Gypsy (Recorded Live at Central Television)--0
Free 'N' Easy (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
July Morning (Recorded Live at Central Television)--0
Return to Fantasy (single edit)--0
Easy Livin' (from 'Live In Moscow' LP, Released 1988)--0
Lady In Black (Recorded Live at Central Television)--0
Name of the Game--0
Easy Livin' (from 'Demons And Wizards' LP)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (from 'Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble' LP)--0
Blind Eye (from 'The Magicians Birthday' LP)--0
Sunrise (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Traveller In Time (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Sweet Lorraine (from 'Live 1973' LP)--0
Gypsy (from 'Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble' LP)--0
Angel (Live in New Zealand)--0
Stand Back (Live Version)--0
Heartache City (Live Version)--0
Sweet Freedom (Previously Unreleased Live Version)--0
Gypsy (Live Version)--0
Lonely Nights (Live in New Zealand)--0
The Other Side of Midnight (Live in New Zealand)--0
Free Me (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
War Child--0
Too Scared to Run (Live)--0
Heartache City (live Moscow 1988)--0
Corina (live)--0
Sweet Freedom (live Shepperton 1974)--0
Fires of Hell (Your Only Son)--0
Easy Livin' (live Europe 1979)--0
Lady in Black (live Europe 1979)--0
Look at Yourself (live Europe 1979)--0
Look At Yourself (Alternative version 2)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (alternative version 2)--0
Gypsy (Alternative extended single mix)--0
Lady in Black (alternative single version)--0
Gypsy (live Moscow 1988)--0
The Wizard (live Moscow 1988)--0
Lady in Black (single edit)--0
Mr. Majestic--0
Bird of Prey (alternative version)--0
Carry On (single edit)--0
Look at Yourself (alternative version)--0
Salisbury (alternative version)--0
July Morning (alternative version)--0
Tears in My Eyes (alternative version)--0
Salisbury (single edit)--0
Rock 'n' Roll Medley (live January 1973)--0
Return to Fantasy (edit)--0
Look at Yourself (edit)--0
Gypsy (edit)--0
July Morning (edit)--0
Stealin' (edit)--0
Lady in Black (alternative version - take 7)--0
Come Away Melinda (alternative version 1)--0
The Other Side of Midnight (live)--0
That's the Way That It Is (live version)--0
Lonely Nights (live)--0
Angel (live)--0
Something or Nothing (different version)--0
Sweet Freedom (new version)--0
Sell Your Soul (live version)--0
Too Scared to Run (live version)--0
Free 'n' Easy (live)--0
Cheat 'n' Lie (live)--0
Falling in Love (live version)--0
Woman of the Night (live version)--0
Feelings (single edit)--0
Stealin' (New Version)--0
Easy Livin' (alternative version)--0
Corina (live Moscow 1988)--0
Mr. Majestic (live November 1989)--0
Split Image--0
Valley of the Kings (Ridge Farm Sessions)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (alternative mix)--0
Walking in Your Shadow (alternative mix 1)--0
Easy Livin' (live Moscow 1988)--0
July Morning (live November 1989)--0
Lady in Black (alternative version)--0
Stealin' (alternative version)--0
Gypsy (alternative version)--0
Gypsy (live November 1989)--0
Lady in Black (live November 1989)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (alternative version)--0
Gypsy (edited version)--0
Seven Stars (alternative version)--0
High Priestess (single edit)--0
Wake the Sleeper--0
Light of a Thousand Stars--0
Tears Of The World--0
The Easy Road (live)--0
Something or Nothing (live)--0
Lady in Black (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
Bad Bad Man (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
Circle of Hands (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
Why (long version)--0
Why (Studio Jam)--0
Home Again to You--0
Heaven's Rain--0
Book of Lies--0
Corridors of Madness--0
Heartache City (live)--0
Eazy Livin'--0
Wake Up--0
Been Hurt--0
Look at Yourself (mono version)--0
Ghost of the Ocean--0
What Kind of God--0
Angels Walk With You--0
Easy Livin' (Live Version)--0
Easy Livin' (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
The Wizard (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
Different World (acoustic live 2000)--0
Mister Majestic (live 1987)--0
Sail the Rivers--0
Sweet Lorraine (live 1973)--0
Look at Yourself (live 1979)--0
So Tired (live 1974)--0
Angel (live 1985)--0
That's the Way That It Is (live 1984)--0
Lady in Black (edited version)--0
Bird of Prey (US mix)--0
Why (alternative version)--0
Think It Over (single version)--0
Too Scared to Run (live 1984)--0
Easy Livin' (live 1979)--0
Stealin' (live 1979)--0
Hold Your Head Up (extended version)--0
Gypsy (live Astoria, London 1997)--0
Corina (live version)--0
Powers of Addiction (out-take)--0
Gypsy (Spellbinder live 1996)--0
Sweet Lorraine (Live)--0
Free Me (live Johannesburg 1995)--0
Circus (acoustic live 2000)--0
Woman of the Night (live 1979)--0
Falling in Love (live 1979)--0
Rockarama (live 1985)--0
Bad Blood (live 1985)--0
Sympathy (live 2001)--0
The Time Will Come--0
Can't Take That Away (Live)--0
Rain (Live)--0
Look At Yourself - Radio Show Edit--0
Rainbow Demon (Single Edit) [Bonus Track]--0
Heartless Land (Edited Version)--0
Rain (Edit)--0
Echoes in the Dark (Edit)--0
I Won't Mind - Radio Show Edit--0
Something Or Nothing - Radio Show Edit--0
Come Away Melinda (Acoustic Version)--0
Rainbow Demon - unreleased single edit--0
Misty Eyes (Edited Version)--0
Salisbury (Edit Version)--0
One Minute (Radio Edit)--0
Rockarama (single edit)--0
Can't Keep a Good Band Down (Edited Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Love or Nothing (single edit)--0
Look at Yourself (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Freiburg)--0
Stealin' (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Woman of the Night (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Falling In Love (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Hold Your Head Up (single edit)--0
Misty Eyes (edit version)--0
Hold Your Head Up (new edit)--0
Dreams (unedited long version)--0
Can't Keep a Good Band Down (Edited Version)--0
Dream On (edit)--0
The Magician's Birthday (edit)--0
Bird of Prey (American Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Born in a Trunk (Instrumental Alternative Version)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Sofia)--0
Look At Yourself (Live In Sofia)--0
Easy Livin' (Live on 'Conquest' Tour, 1980)--0
Suicidal Man (Live on 'Conquest' Tour, 1980)--0
One More Night (Last Farewell) [Live in Frieburg]--0
Stay on Top (Live)--0
Bird of Prey (Live In Sofia)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Sofia)--0
Only the Young (Live In Sofia)--0
Between Two Worlds (Live In Sofia)--0
Sunrise (Live In Sofia)--0
The Wizard (Live In Sofia)--0
Gypsy (Live In Sofia)--0
July Morning (Live In Sofia)--0
Feelings (Live)--0
Bird of Prey (2016 - Remaster)--0
Walking in Your Shadow (2016 - Remaster)--0
Gypsy (2016 - Remaster)--0
Lucy Blues (2016 - Remaster)--0
Dreammare (2016 - Remaster)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) [2016 - Remaster]--0
I'll Keep On Trying (2016 - Remaster)--0
July Morning (7" Single Edit)--0
Salisbury (Alternative Version) [Live]--0
Time to Live (2016 - Remaster)--0
The Park (2016 - Remaster)--0
Lady in Black (2016 - Remaster)--0
High Priestess (2016 - Remaster)--0
Salisbury (2016 - Remaster)--0
The Wizard (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Gypsy (Live In Ludwigshafen)--0
Angels Walk with You (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Look at Yourself (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Shadow (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
July Morning (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Return to Fantasy (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Lady in Black (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Gypsy (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Free 'N' Easy (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Poet's Justice (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Easy Livin' (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Circle of Hands (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Rainbow Demon (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Rain (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
All My Life (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Only Human (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Book of Lies (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Gypsy (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Free 'N' Easy (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Angels Walk with You (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
July Morning (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Lady in Black (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Easy Livin' (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Sunrise (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Free Me (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Corridors of Madness (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Bird of Prey (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Love in Silence (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Rain (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
The Wizard (Recorded Live at Petofi Hall, Budapest, Hungary/ 4th of May 2010)--0
Traveller in Time (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
The Wizard (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Everything in Life (Live)--0
Shelter from the Rain (Live)--0
Question (Live)--0
Come Away Melinda (Live)--0
Blood Red Roses (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Cry Freedom (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Feels Like (Live)--0
Sweet Freedom (Live)--0
Ghost of the Ocean (Live (Bonus Track Edition))--0
Lady In Black (Live In Freiburg)--0
I Hear Voices (Live)--0
Universal Wheels (Live)--0
Time of Revelation (Live)--0
July Morning (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Gypsy (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Look At Yourself (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
That's The Way That It Is (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Overload (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Bird of Prey (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Love in Silence (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Stealin' (Live in Kawasaki, Japan 2010)--0
Easy Livin' (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
The Wizard (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Stealin' (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Bad Bad Man (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Too Scared To Run (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
The Other Side Of Midnight (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
More Fool You (Live at London Astoria 18th May 1989)--0
Lady In Black (Live In The USA)--0
Look At Yourself (Live In The USA)--0
What's Within My Heart - Alt. version 2--0
What's Within My Heart - Alt. version 3--0
Gypsy (Bonus Track)--0
Easy Livin' (Bonus Track)--0
Gypsy - Radio Show Edit--0
A Far Better Way (Alternate Version)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) - Alt. mix--0
Been Away Too Long (Alternate Version) [Bonus track]--0
Gypsy (Extended Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Salisbury (Previously Unreleased single edit)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) - Bonus Track--0
Gypsy (Bbc Session 5/5/70) [Bonus Track]--0
A Far Better Way (Out-take) [Bonus track]--0
Think It Over (Video Soundtrack)--0
Easy Livin' (New Version)--0
Gypsy (New Version)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Frieburg 1979)--0
Falling In Love (Alternate Live Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Home Again to You (Alternate Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Lying (Out-take) [Bonus Track]--0
What's Within My Heart (Alternate Version 3)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) [Alternate Mix]--0
Struttin' (Alternate Version of "Gimme Love") [Bonus Track]--0
Street Lady (Alternate Version of "Woman of the Night") [Bonus Track]--0
Cheater (Bonus track)--0
Poet's Justice (Live)--0
Been Hurt - Bonus track--0
Think It Over (Single Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Searching (Extended Demo) [Bonus Track]--0
Say Goodbye--0
Kiss the Rainbow--0
Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is (outtake)--0
I'm Ready (Live)--0
One Minute (Live)--0
Nail On the Head (Live)--0
Bad Bad Man (Live)--0
Into the Wild (Live)--0
Against the Odds (Live)--0
Only the Young (Live)--0
Blind Eye (Live)--0
Heartless Land (Live)--0
If I Had the Time (Live)--0
A Year or a Day (Live)--0
When the War Is Over (Live)--0
Blood Red Roses (Live)--0
Mr. Majestic (Live)--0
The Outsider--0
The Law--0
Rock the Foundation--0
Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?--0
Looking at You--0
One Minute (60 Seconds)--0
Eine Minute (Radio Edit)--0
Land of Hope & Glory (Pomp & Circumstance) [Live]--0
Rich Kid (Live)--0
Who Needs Me (Live)--0
I'm Alive (Live)--0
Woman of the Night (Live)--0
What's Within My Heart (Alternate Version 2)--0
The River--0
I Wanna Be Free (2017 Remastered)--0
Look At Yourself (2017 Remastered)--0
July Morning (2017 Remastered)--0
Tears in My Eyes (2017 Remastered)--0
What Should Be Done (2017 Remastered)--0
Shadows of Grief (2017 Remastered)--0
Tales (2017 Remastered)--0
Sweet Lorraine (2017 Remastered)--0
Sunrise (2017 Remastered)--0
Why (Alternate Single Edit)--0
Spider Woman (2017 Remastered)--0
Blind Eye (2017 Remastered)--0
Rain (2017 Remastered)--0
Echoes in the Dark (2017 Remastered)--0
Love Machine (2017 Remastered)--0
July Morning (Alternative Mix) [Live]--0
Return to Fantasy (Live In The USA)--0
The Other Side of Midnight (Live In The USA)--0
Rain (Live In The USA)--0
The Wizard (Live In The USA)--0
That's the Way That It Is (Live In The USA)--0
Blind Eye (Live In The USA)--0
Heartless Land (Live In The USA)--0
I'll Keep On Trying (Live In The USA)--0
What Should Be Done (Live at the BBC)--0
Look at Yourself (Live at the BBC)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In The USA)--0
Stealin' (Live In The USA)--0
Rainbow Demon (Live In The USA)--0
The Spell (2017 Remastered)--0
Paradise (2017 Remastered)--0
Home Again to You (out-take)--0
Think It Over (original version)--0
What's Within My Heart (Alternative Version 2)--0
Been Hurt (out-take)--0
Think It Over (single a-side)--0
Been Hurt (single b-side)--0
Take Care (Demo) [Bonus Track]--0
Weep In Silence (Extended Version) [Bonus Track]--0
I'll Keep Trying--0
Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is--0
Powers of Addiction (Demo) [Bonus Track]--0
Holy Roller (Bonus Track)--0
Sundown (Out-take) [Bonus Track]--0
What's Within My Heart (out-take)--0
Home Again to You (demo version)--0
Easy Livin' (2017 Remastered)--0
Traveller in Time (2017 Remastered)--0
Poet's Justice (2017 Remastered)--0
Circle of Hands (2017 Remastered)--0
All My Life (2017 Remastered)--0
Rainbow Demon (2017 Remastered)--0
The Wizard (2017 Remastered)--0
Why - Alternative Single Edit--0
Think It Over (alternative version)--0
Pilgrim - Extended Version--0
What's Within My Heart (Alternative Version 3)--0
Free and Easy--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) - U.S Single Edit--0
Stealin' (Live Version)--0
Stealin' (alternative live version)--0
Overload (Live)--0
Lady In Black (New Version)--0
Rainbow Demon (Live)--0
All My Life (Live)--0
Angels Walk With You (Live)--0
Paradise / The Spell (Live)--0
Rock 'n' roll Medley (Film Mix)--0
Love Machine (Live)--0
Sunrise (Live)--0
Beautiful Dream (Alternative Version)--0
Traveller In Time (Live)--0
Tears In My Eyes (Live)--0
The Magician's Birthday (Live)--0
Circle of Hands (Live)--0
Shadow (Live)--0
Look At Yourself (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Free Me (Live In Offenbach)--0
July Morning (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
One More Night (Live In Frieburg)--0
I'm Alive (Live In London)--0
Sweet Lorraine (Live In London)--0
Who Needs Me (Live In London)--0
The Wizard (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Cheat 'n' Lie (Live In Manchester)--0
Stealin' (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Frieburg)--0
Falling In Love (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Woman of the Night (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Rockarama (Live)--0
Pacific Highway (Live)--0
Wise Man (TV Backing Track) [Bonus track]--0
Who Needs Me (Live Version) [Bonus track]--0
Words in a Distance--0
Walking in Your Shadow (Alt Mix 1)--0
The Park (Alt. version)--0
Come Away Melinda (Alt. version 1)--0
Crime of Passion (Bonus Track)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Sell Your Soul (Live)--0
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) [Single Edit]--0
That's the Way That It Is (Live)--0
The Wizard (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Look At Yourself (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Gypsy (Live In Moscow)--0
Lady in Black (Alt. version - Take 7)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (Alt. version 2)--0
Lady In Black (Bonus Track)--0
Too Scared to Run (Live In Moscow 1987)--0
Wise Man (TV Backing Track)--0
Bird of Prey (Live)--0
Mister Majestic (Live)--0
Stealin' (Live)--0
Suicidal Man (Live on 1980 'Conquest' Tour)--0
Easy Livin' (Live on 1980 "Conquest" Tour)--0
High Priestess (Alt. version)--0
Come Away Melinda (Alt. version 2)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (Alt. single version)--0
Lady in Black (Alt. single version)--0
Woman of the Night (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Free 'n' Easy (Live In London)--0
Gypsy (Live In Ludwigshaven)--0
Gypsy (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Free 'n' Easy (Live In London 1979)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Manchester 1979)--0
Stealin' (Live In Manchester 1979)--0
Ghost of the Ocean (Live)--0
Gypsy (Live In London 1979)--0
Sweet Lorraine (Live In London 1979)--0
Who Needs Me (Live In London 1979)--0
Cheat 'n' Lie (Live In Manchester 1979)--0
Falling In Love (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
July Morning (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Free Me (Live In Offenbach 1979)--0
I'm Alive (Live In London 1979)--0
One More Night (Live In Frieburg 1979)--0
Green Eye (Demo) [Bonus Track]--0
Feelings (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (Alternate Single Version)--0
High Priestess (Alternate Version)--0
Lady In Black (Alternate Single Version)--0
Heartache City (Live in Moscow, 1987)--0
Tears In My Eyes (Extended Version)--0
Corina (Live) [Bonus track]--0
Come Away Melinda (Alternate Version 2)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (Alternate Version 2)--0
Walking In Your Shadow (Alternate Mix 1)--0
Ghost of the Ocean (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Come Away Melinda (Alternate Version 1)--0
The Park (Alternate Version)--0
Lady In Black (Alternate Version) [Take 7]--0
Stealin' (Live In Ludwigshaven 1979)--0
Time to Live (Edit)--0
Between Two Worlds (Live)--0
Tears of the World (Live)--0
High Priestess (Single Version)--0
Beautiful Dream (Alternative Demo Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Lonely Nights (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
The Other Side of Midnight (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Words in the Distance (Live)--0
Falling in Love (Live)--0
Stealin' (Live In Manchester)--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Manchester)--0
Lady In Black (Live In Frieburg)--0
Gypsy (Live In London)--0
Cry Freedom (Live)--0
Angel (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Woman of the Night (Alternative Live Version)--0
Carry On (Single Version)--0
Stealin' (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
I Won't Mind (Alternate Live Version)--0
So Tired (Alternate Live Version)--0
The Park (Edit)--0
Sweet Freedom (Alternate Live Version)--0
Easy Livin' (Live) [Bonus Track]--0
Salisbury (Edited Version)--0
Woman of the Night (Alternater Live Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Easy Livin' (Live In Frieburg 1979)--0
Book of Lies (Live)--0
Corridors of Madness (Live)--0
Love In Silence (Live)--0
I'm Ready--0
Devil's Daughter--0
The Dance--0
Circle of Hands--0
Magicians Birthday--0
Sweet Freedom--0
Different World--0
The Magician's Birthday--0
Rock 'n' Roll (medley)--0
One Minute--0
Paradise (Live)--0
Rainbow Demon--0
All My Life--0
A Year or A Day--0
The Wizard (Live)--0
Come Away Melinda (2016 - Remaster)--0
Lady In Black (Live)--0
Stealin' (Alternate Live Version)--0
Been Away Too Long--0
Sweet Lorraine--0
Let It Ride--0
Rain (edit version)--0
Weep in Silence--0
One Way or Another--0
Misty Eyes--0
I Hear Voices--0
Traveller In Time--0
Free Me--0
Bird Of Preytrad0
Come Away Melindatrad0
Wake Up (Set Yours Sights)trad0
Real Turned Ontrad0
What Should Be Donetrad0
Love Machinetrad0
July Morningtrad0
Look At Yourselftrad0
I Wanna Be Freetrad0
Tears In My Eyestrad0
Shadows Of Grieftrad0
The Parktrad0
I Won't Mind--0
Red Lights--0
The Wizard--0
Can't Stop Singing--0
Kiss Of Freedomtrad0
Crime Of Passiontrad0
Wise Mantrad0
The Hanging Treetrad0
Who Needs Metrad0
Rollin' Ontrad0
First Touch--0
Cross That Line--0
Skools Burnin'--0
Stealin' (Bonus Track - Alternative Live Version)--0
Can't Take That Away--0
Look At Yourself (Live)--0
Wake Up (set your sights)--0
A Right to Live--0
Easy Living--0
Time of Revelation--0
Against the Odds--0
Free Me (live)--0
Gypsy (live Europe 1979)--0
Only Human--0
July Morning (live)--0
Gypsy (Live)--0
Rainbow Demons (Live)--0
Gypsy (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Tears In My Eyes (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Look At Yourself (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
The Magician's Birthday (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Born In a Trunk (Instrumental)--0
Love Machine (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
July Morning (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Easy Livin' (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
The Park (Previously Unreleased version)--0
Speed of Sound--0
Sunrise (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Sweet Lorraine (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
Traveller In Time (Live - 1973 Birmingham, England)--0
When the War Is Over--0
If I Had the Time--0
Blind Eye--0
Return to Fantasy--0
Echoes in the Dark--0
We Got We--0
Something or Nothing--0
So Tired--0
The Easy Road--0
Suicidal Man--0
The Shadows and the Wind--0
Your Turn to Remember--0
Out on the Street--0
Carry On--0
Your Love ("Five Miles" session)--0
High Priestess--0
Fallen Angel--0
A Far Better Way (out-take)--0
The Other Side of Midnight--0
Sell Your Soul--0
Why Did You Go--0
Paradise / The Spell--0
Cheat 'n' Lie (Alternative Live Version)--0
Free Me (Alternative Live Version)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (US album version)--0
Weekend Warriors--0
High Priestess (edited single version)--0
Falling in Love--0
Whad'ya Say--0
One More Night (Last Farewell)--0
Straight Through the Heart--0
Rollin' the Rock--0
Love Machine (Film Mix)--0
Stealin' (Film Mix)--0
Crime of Passion (single B-Side)--0
Wise Man (TV backing track version)--0
Sweet Talk--0
Save It--0
Lady in Black (edit)--0
Look at Yourself (BBC live version)--0
Tears in My Eyes (extended mix)--0
What Should Be Done (BBC live version)--0
The Golden Palace--0
Heartless Land--0
More Fool You--0
Why (out-take)--0
Born in a Trunk (alternative version)--0
Salisbury (edit)--0
High Priestess (alternative version)--0
The Park (alternative version)--0
Time to Live (alternative version)--0
Gypsy (single version)--0
The Easy Road (Film Mix)--0
Something or Nothing (Film Mix)--0
A Far Better Way (Firefly session out-take)--0
Love is Blind--0
The River (Innocent Victim session out-take)--0
Who Needs Me (live Europe 1979)--0
Rock 'n' Roll Medley (live 1973)--0
Circle of Hands (live 1973)--0
Lying (out-take)--0
Love Stealer (single a-side)--0
Gypsy (BBC session)--0
Born in a Trunk (instrumental version)--0
No Return--0
It Ain't Easy--0
Won't Have to Wait Too Long--0
Love, Hate & Fear (Wonderworld session out-take)--0
Stone's Throw (Wonderworld session out-take)--0
Something or Nothing (radio show)--0
Crystal Ball (out-take)--0
Look at Yourself (radio show)--0
Gypsy (radio show)--0
I Won't Mind (Film Mix)--0
So Tired (Film Mix)--0
Silver White Man (out-take)--0
Time to Live--0
Feelings ("Five Miles" session)--0
Born in a Trunk (out-take)--0
Valley of Kings ("Ridge Farm" session)--0
Night of the Wolf--0
She Still Calls His Name (1992 demo session)--0
Only the Young--0
In the Moment--0
Return to Fantasy (single B-Side)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (single B-Side)--0
Gimme Love (single b-side)--0
Cheater (single b-side)--0
Here Am I--0
Love Stealer (single a-side version)--0
Look at Yourself (single edit)--0
The Wizard (live 1984 version)--0
Look At Yourself (Single Version)--0
Dream On--0
What's Within My Heart--0
Love Stealer--0
Searching (instrumental out-take)--0
Seven Stars (unedited long version)--0
Simon the Bullet Freak--0
Why (Extended version)--0
Sundown (out-take)--0
Name of the Game (out-take)--0
Sundown (alternative version)--0
Weep in Silence (extended version)--0
Illusion (full unedited version) / Masquerade--0
Name of the Game (Ken Hensley demo version)--0
Return to Fantasy (extended version)--0
Why Did You Go (demo version)--0
Green Eye (demo)--0
Rainbow Demon (single edit)--0
Seven Stars (extended version)--0
Sweet Freedom (alternative live version)--0
Prima Donna (demo version)--0
Spirit of Freedom--0
Universal Wheels--0
Miracle Child (single b-side)--0
Rough Justice--0
Look at Yourself (live 1987)--0
Too Scared to Run (live 1987)--0
Rockarama (live 1987)--0
Corina (live 1987)--0
Cry Freedom--0
Feels Like--0
Across the Miles--0
Hold Your Head Up--0
Voice on My T.V.--0
Rich Kid--0
What Can I Do--0
Echoes in the Dark (edit version)--0
Proud Words (alternative version)--0
Happy Birthday (The Magician's Birthday edit)--0
Sunrise (single edit)--0
Mistress of All Time--0
Silver White Man (instrumental out-take)--0
Skools Burning--0
Poor Little Rich Girl--0
Lost One Love--0
Bad Blood--0
Holding On--0
Party Time--0
Wake Up (set your sights) (alternative version)--0
Gypsy (extended version)--0
One Day--0
Stand Back--0
Spider Woman--0
The Spell--0
One On One--0
Seven Days--0
Blood on Stone--0
Do You Know--0
Which Way Will the Wind Blow--0
All God's Children--0
Step By Step--0
All for One--0
Shady Lady--0
Prima Donna--0
Footprints in the Snow--0
Woman of the World--0
Make a Little Love--0
Bad Bad Man--0
Sail the Rivers (studio Track)--0
Words in the Distance--0
Can't Keep a Good Band Down--0
Beautiful Dream (demo version)--0
The Time Will Come (single B-Side)--0
Return to Fantasy (single edit version)--0
Why (single b-side)--0
Why (unedited version)--0
Drum Solo--0
Seven Stars--0
Easy Living (live)--0
The Easy Road (Live Version)--0
Easy Livin' (Live)--0
Poet's Justice--0
Wise Man (single edit)--0
Bird of Prey (original version)--0
Something or Nothing (Live Version)--0
Silver White Man (Instrumental)--0
Beautiful Dream (Alternate Demo Version)--0
Free 'n' Easy (Alternative Live Version)--0
Lady In Black (Single Version)--0
Stealin' (Single Version)--0
Happy Birthday--0
Look at Yourself (live version)--0
Stealin' (single edit)--0
Southern Star--0
T-Bird Angel--0
Seven Stars (live at King Biscuit)--0
Hard Way to Learn--0
Trail of Diamonds--0
Money Talk--0
Miracle Child--0
Women Of The Night--0
Nail on the Head--0
I Can See You--0
Into the Wild--0
Too Scared To Run--0
Chasing Shadows--0
Perfect Little Heart--0
Sweet Pretender--0
Sweet Sugar--0
Love in Silence--0
Fear of Falling--0
Stealin' (live Shepperton 1974)--0
Easy Livin' (live Shepperton 1974)--0
Heartache City--0
Gypsy (single edit remix)--0
Lady in Black (single edit remix)--0
Stealin' (single edit remix)--0
Salisbury (U.S. promo single edit)--0
Shelter from the Rain--0
Fires of Hell--0
Something or Nothing (live Shepperton 1974)--0
What Can I Do (single B-Side)--0
The Easy Road (live Shepperton 1974)--0
Bird of Prey (US album version)--0
Come Away Melinda (alternative version)--0
Born in a Trunk (vocal version)--0
Lonely Nights--0
Put Your Lovin' on Me--0
Logical Progression--0
Everything in Life--0
One More Night--0
Woman of the Night--0
I'm Alive--0
Pacific Highway--0
Mister Majestic--0
Hot Persuasion (demo version)--0
Son of a Bitch (single b-side)--0
Keep on Ridin'--0
Flyin' High--0
Free 'n' Easy--0
Think It Over--0
Hot Persuasion--0
Hot Night in a Cold Town--0
On the Rebound--0
Running All Night (with the Lion)--0
That's the Way That It Is--0
Cheat 'n' Lie--0
Simon the Bullet Freak (alternative single version)--0
Suicidal Man (live 1980)--0
Easy Livin' (live 1980)--0
Stay on Top--0
Too Scared to Run (live Moscow 1988)--0
Blood Red Roses--0
Feelings (edited version)--0
Carry On (edited version)--0
Look at Yourself (alternative single version)--0
Why (11:18 min. version)--0
Wise Man (edited version)--0
Love or Nothing--0
Woman of the Night (live Europe 1979)--0
The River (outtake)--0
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