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Paroles de P.I.M.

Interprète VEDO

Paroles de la chanson P.I.M. par VEDO lyrics officiel

P.I.M. est une chanson en Anglais

Yeah (yeah) yeah, yeah
It's VEDO, baby
Ooh woah, oh woah, oh woah, yeah

She know I'm pressure when I walk in
I got all of these folk talkin' (Woah)
If I talk it, you know I walk it
If you want it, you know I'll cop it
Girl, I can tell by how you walking (yeah)
Ain't no panties, that thang talking (Woah)
Baby, ain't no need to front it
'Cause I can see it from the front end

Girl, ooh, I hope you know
I'll put my name on it
Babe, I'll sang for it, baby
You, you make it grow, start from the top
Do it slow don't stop, here I go (yeah)
Open up, let it smile for me
You can get anything you please
While we're here, let's make it
Clear, just tell me, that pussy is mine

Yeah, look
Girl, I can't lie, this Henny talkin' (Woah)
Grip on that ass soon as you walk in (yeah)
And you know this here ain't no basic
Girl, I can already taste it
This shit is dangerous
Pullin' on my pants, you gon' wake it up
Fuckin' like we mad but we really in love
It's a feel when it's real, baby
You gon' get this smoke

I hope you know, yeah
I'll put my name on it, babe
(O oh) , I'll sang for it, baby (Baby, baby)
You, you make it grow
(You make it grow, baby)
Start from the top
Do it slow (Just like that)
Don't stop, here I go (Here I go)
Open up, let it smile for me
(Let it smile) , you can get anything
You please (Ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, woah)
While we're here, let's make it clear
Just tell me (yeah) , that pussy is mine
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