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parole Party In The CIA - Weird Al Yankovic lyrics
paroles officielles ♪ Party In The CIA ♪
i moved out to langely recently
with a plain and simple dream;
wanna infiltrate some third-world place
and topple their regime.

their men in black with their matching suitcases;
where everything's on a need-to-know basis;
agents got that swagger;
everyone so cloak and dagger.

i'm feelin' nervous but i'm really kinda wishing
for another undercover mission

that's when the red alert came on the radio
and i put my earpiece on!
got my dark sunglasses on!
and i had my weapon drawn!

so i get my handcuffs,
my cyanide pills,
my classified dossier!

tappin' the phones like yeah, shreddin' the files like yeah,
and then i memorised all the enemy spies i've gotta
neutralize today.

yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!

i've done a couple of crazy things that have almost got me
like terminate some head of state who wasn't even on my

burn that microfilm buddy, will you,

i'd tell you why but then i'd have to kill you!

you need a quickie confession?
we'll start a waterboarding session!

no hurry on this south american dictator
i'll assassinate him later
that's when he walked right in my laser sights,
and my silencer was on,
and my silencer was on,
and another target's gone!

yeah, we've got our black ops all over the world, from
Kazakhstan to Bombay;
payin' the bribes like yeah, pluggin' the leaks like yeah;
interrogating the scum of the earth, we'll break them by the
break of day!

yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!

need a country destabilized?
look no further, we're your guys!
we've got snazzy suits and ties,
and a better dental plan than the fbi's!

better put your hands up and get in the van,
or else you'll get blown away!
stagin' a coup like yeah,
brainwashin' moles like yeah,
we only torture the folks we don't like,
you're probably going to be ok!

yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
yeeeaaahhh, it's a party in the cia!
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Weird Al Yankovic - Party In The CIA paroles
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