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I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song Of The Sparrow)trad5
By My Side--1
Beautiful Girl--1
Beautiful Girl (Live from Acoustic Café)--1
Centralia (FM4 Radio Session)--1
Passion Play--1
Hear Your Heart--1
Fortune (Acoustic)--1
They'll Never Take The Good Yearstrad1
I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry cover)--1
I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow) [Live/2009]--0
Goodmorning (Live/2009)--0
After Afterall (Live/2009)--0
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want--0
If You Would Come Back Home (Mikroboy Remix)--0
Body For My Bed--0
Further From You--0
Maybe Be Alright (Live/2009)--0
Let You Break--0
Ghosts of Penn Hill (Acoustic)--0
Fortune - Live Spotify Berlin--0
Lions - Live Spotify Berlin--0
Nothing Can Be Changed--0
Fare Thee Well--0
Please Forgive Me (Song of the Crow) [Live/2009]--0
The Problem of Pain--0
Fade and Then Return (acoustic)--0
Wounded Head--0
Psychasthenia (acoustic)--0
Tied to Me--0
From the Water--0
Ever Could--0
The Tide Pulls From the Moon (acoustic)--0
Bird of Winter Prey--0
Tied to Me (acoustic)--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore (feat. Brooke Fraser) (George Raquet remix)--0
Let You Break (feat. Leigh Nash)--0
Funeral Dress--0
You Still Hurt Me (feat. The Great Neck South High School Choir)--0
The Winter from Her Leaving--0
Gold in Shadow--0
Bird of Winter Prey (acoustic)--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore - Live Spotify Berlin--0
A Part (Live in Chicago)--0
Nothing Can Be Changed (Live in Chicago)--0
Pittsburgh (Live in Chicago)--0
Beautiful Girl (Live in Chicago)--0
Hear Your Heart (Live in Chicago)--0
The Wind--0
Bird of Winter Prey (Acoustic Version)--0
Part One--0
Fortune (Live in Chicago)--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore (Live in Chicago)--0
Hear Your Heart (Live Acoustic Session in Amsterdam)--0
Passion Play (Live in Paris)--0
Say Yes--0
Shattered (Live in Chicago)--0
Afterall (Live in Chicago)--0
People Change Their Minds (Live in Chicago)--0
Lions (Live in Chicago)--0
Ghosts of Penn Hills (Live in Chicago)--0
Centralia - Acoustic Version--0
Lions - Acoustic Version--0
I Had to Carry Her (Viriginia's Song)--0
Ghosts of Penn Hills - Acoustic Bonus Track--0
Matter - Live Acoustic Bonus Track--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore (Featuring Brooke Fraser, George Raquet Remix)--0
Centralia - Live Spotify Berlin--0
Hold On - Live Spotify Berlin--0
Josie's Song - Live Spotify Berlin--0
Let You Break (Acoustic Version)--0
Pittsburgh - Acoustic Bonus Track--0
Fortune - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Centralia - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Ghosts of Penn Hills--0
Took - Acoustic Version--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Josie's Song - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Lions - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Sister - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Hold On - Live from Spotify Berlin--0
Sister - Live Spotify Berlin--0
So This Is Goodbye (Original Version)--0
Please Forgive Me (Song of the Crow)--0
Falling on My Sword--0
The Tide Pulls from the Moon--0
People Change Their Minds--0
It's Not True--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore--0
I Kissed a Girl--0
Leave Me By Myself--0
Hold On--0
Hold On With My Open Hands--0
Even Now--0
So This Is Goodbye--0
After Afterall--0
Ice Cream--0
When You Were Youngtrad0
Find It In Metrad0
You Broke My Hearttrad0
My Life Changedtrad0
When I Come Hometrad0
Everything Has Changedtrad0
Never Let You Gotrad0
Please Don't Gotrad0
I Don't Love You Anymoretrad0
Find My Way Hometrad0
Tide Pulls From The Moontrad0
I Had to Carry Her (Virginias Song)--0
So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter remix)--0
Fade And Then Returntrad0
You Still Hurt Metrad0
We Feel Alonetrad0
If You Would Come Back Hometrad0
Pittsburgh (Acoustic)--0
Josie's Song--0
From You--0
Blood / Chest--0
Took (Acoustic)--0
Lions (Acoustic)--0
Centralia (Acoustic)--0
Fade and Then Return (Acoustic Version)--0
Psychasthenia (Acoustic Version)--0
Tied to Me (Acoustic Version)--0
The Tide Pulls from the Moon (Acoustic Version)--0
Mend Your Hearttrad0
Problem of Pain--0
Covered in Snow--0
Fortune (Acoustic Version)--0
What Hold--0
Blood and Bones--0
I Don't Feel It Anymore (feat. Brooke Fraser)--0
Let You Break (feat. Julia Stone)--0
Well Enough--0
So This Is Goodbye (Pink Ganter RX)--0
Forsake All Others--0
A Part--0
If You Would Come Back Home feat. Rosi Golan--0
Goodmorning (Pink Ganter Remix)--0
Maybe Be Alright--0
Just Not Each Other--0
Find Me To Forgive--0
The Winter from Her Leaving (Live from Acoustic Café)--0
parole traduction visites
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