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In The Middle Of The Nighttrad3
Let Us Burntrad3
And We Runtrad3
Shot In The Darktrad3
Our Farewelltrad2
Running Up That Hilltrad2
Hand Of Sorrowtrad2
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) 2trad2
Covered By Rosestrad2
Fire And Icetrad1
Are You The One ?trad1
The Last Dancetrad1
The Howlingtrad1
Deceiver Of Foolstrad1
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)trad1
One of Those Days--1
Keep on Breathing (demo version)--1
Say My Nametrad1
Why Not Metrad1
Paradise (what About Us ?)trad1
Mother Earthtrad1
Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)--1
In Perfect Harmonytrad1
The Unforgiving: The Prequel--1
One of These Days (demo version)--1
The Heart Of Everythingtrad1
I Don't Wannatrad1
Frozen (WT)trad1
The Cross--1
What Have You Done--1
Memories [Live Audio]--1
And We Run (Evolution Track) [Bonus Track]--1
Sinéad (VNV Nation Club Mix)--0
Shot In the Dark (Radio Edit)--0
Pale (Live)--0
Towards the End (Live)--0
The Dance (Live 2002)--0
Deep Within (Live 2002)--0
All I Need (Live)--0
Hand of Sorrow (Live In Eindhoven 2007)--0
Restless (Live)--0
Sinéad (VNV Nation Radio Edit)--0
The Last Dance (Bonus Track)--0
Faster (International Radio Edit)--0
What Have You Done (European Radio Version)--0
Sinéad (Radio Edit)--0
Sinéad (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Instrumental Mix)--0
Stand My Ground (radio edit)--0
Forsaken (live in O13, Tilburg)--0
The Promise (live in O13, Tilburg)--0
Stand My Ground (album version)--0
Restless (live, Beursgebouw 2007)--0
Mother Earth (promo video)--0
Never Ending Story (live)--0
Angels (live in O13, Tilburg)--0
Ice Queen (live at Pinkpop 2005)--0
The Dance (Live)--0
Running Up That Hill (live)--0
Restless (remix)--0
Memories (live at Bataclan, Paris)--0
Stand My Ground (live at Pinkpop 2005)--0
A Dangerous Mind (live at Bataclan, Paris)--0
Sinéad (Scooter remix)--0
Sinéad (single edit)--0
The Truth Beneath the Rose (Live)--0
Sinéad (Clashback Club Mix)--0
A Dangerous Mind (Live @ Bataclan Paris 2004)--0
Mother Earth (Video Edit)--0
Silver Moonligt--0
Sinéad (Benno De Goeij Rmx)--0
Sinéad (Clashback Radio Edit)--0
Ice Queen (album version)--0
Orff (Life at Paris)--0
Angels (Live)--0
Sinéad (VNV Nation Remix- Edit)--0
Sinéad (Groove Coverage Remix- Edit)--0
Deep Within (Live)--0
Ice Queen (Acoustic Version 2)--0
Silver Moonlight (Evolution Track) [Bonus Track]--0
Iron (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Edge of the World (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Faster (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Paradise (What About Us?) [Hydra Live in Concert]--0
Ice Queen (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Let Us Burn (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
In the Middle of the Night (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Dangerous (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Mother Earth (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
What Have You Done (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Covered by Roses (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Stand My Ground (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
And We Run (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Mother Earth (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Sinéad (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Mother Earth (Hydra Live)--0
Sinéad (Hydra Live)--0
In the Middle of the Night (Hydra Live)--0
Iron (Hydra Live)--0
Mother Earth (Elements Live)--0
Faster (Hydra Live)--0
Faster (120 BPM) [Radio Edit]--0
Iron (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Say My Name (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Candles (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Angels (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Faster (Elements Live in Concert)--0
In the Middle of the Night (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Silver Moonlight (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Whole World Is Watching (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Sinéad (Elements Live)--0
Angels (Elements Live)--0
Dirty Dancer (Bonus Track)--0
Summertime Sadness (Bonus Track)--0
Ice Queen (Acoustic Version)--0
Say My Name (Elements Live)--0
Tell Me Why (Evolution Track) [Bonus Track]--0
What Have You Done (Acoustic) [Live]--0
Ouverture (Live)--0
The Other Half (Of Me) [Live]--0
The Promise (Live In Tilburg 013, Tilburg)--0
Memories (Radio Version)--0
Our Solemn Hour (Elements Live)--0
The Dance (live at Utrecht 1998)--0
Enter (live at Utrecht 1998)--0
Whole World Is Watching (instrumental)--0
What Have You Done [Live Edit]--0
Video Stand My Ground--0
And We Run (radio edit)--0
Ice Queen (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Let Us Burn (instrumental)--0
Edge of the World (instrumental)--0
Tell Me Why (instrumental)--0
Sinéad (Original Mix)--0
Dog Days (instrumental)--0
Covered by Roses (instrumental)--0
Silver Moonlight (instrumental)--0
Frozen (Live)--0
Stand My Ground (radio version)--0
Mother Earth (Live 2012)--0
Ice Queen (Live 2012)--0
The Promise (Live 2012)--0
Candles (Live 2012)--0
The Last Dance (Live 2012)--0
Say My Name (Live 2012)--0
Stairway to the Skies (Live 2012)--0
Paradise (What About Us?) (Live 2014)--0
Dangerous (Live 2014)--0
And We Run (Live 2014)--0
In the Middle of the Night (Live 2014)--0
Edge of the World (Live 2014)--0
Faster(Live 2014)--0
Angels (Live 2012)--0
Stand My Ground (Live 2012)--0
Candles [Live Version]--0
Ice Queen - Live Version--0
Caged [Live Version]--0
Deceiver of Fools [Live Version]--0
Ice Queen [Live Audio]--0
And We Run feat. Xzibit - Whole World Band Edition--0
In the Middle of the Night (Elements Antwerp)--0
Fire and Ice (Live 2012)--0
Our Solemn Hour (Live 2012)--0
Mother Earth (Hydra Amsterdam)--0
The Promise (Elements Antwerp)--0
Say My Name (Elements Antwerp)--0
Stand My Ground (Live 2014)--0
Mother Earth (Live 2014)--0
Hand Of Sorrow - Demo Version--0
Stand My Ground (Acoustic Version)--0
Ice Queen (Hydra Live)--0
Silver Moonlight (Hydra Live)--0
Covered by Roses (Hydra Live)--0
What Have You Done (Hydra Live)--0
The Howling (game trailer)--0
Keep On Breathing--0
In the Middle of the Night (Live)--0
The Cross (Live Acoustic)--0
Our Farewell (Radio Edit)--0
Iron (Live 2014)--0
Faster - Intl Radio Edit--0
Stand My Ground (Hydra Live)--0
And We Run (Hydra Live)--0
Ice Queen (Live 2014)--0
What Have You Done (US Pop Mix)--0
Whole World Is Watching (Live 2014)--0
Silver Moonlight (Live 2014)--0
What Have You Done (Live 2014)--0
Fire and Ice (Elements Live)--0
Stand My Ground (Elements Live)--0
Edge of the World (Hydra Live)--0
Dangerous (Hydra Live)--0
Stairway to the Skies (Elements Live)--0
The Promise (Elements Live)--0
Sanctuary Intro (Elements Live)--0
Deceiver Of Fools [Live Audio]--0
Mother Earth [Live Audio]--0
Destroyed (demo)--0
Aquarius (Orchestral Version)--0
The Swan Song (instrumental/orchestral version)--0
Faster (Elements Live)--0
Never Ending Story (live acoustic version)--0
Mother Earth (Live At Lowlands)--0
A Dangerous Mind (live at Bataclan Paris 2004)--0
A Dangerous Mind (live)--0
Aquarius (live at Java Island, Amsterdam)--0
Caged (live at Java Island, Amsterdam)--0
Angels (live in 013, Tilburg)--0
The Promise (live in 013, Tilburg)--0
Forsaken (live)--0
Ice Queen (live acoustic version)--0
Our Farewell (acoustic version)--0
Caged (Leidse Kade live)--0
Ice Queen (Leidse Kade live)--0
Mother Earth (Leidse Kade live)--0
Ice Queen (radio version)--0
Never Ending Story (live at Lowlands 2002)--0
Ice Queen (demo version Aug 2000)--0
Caged (demo version Aug 2000)--0
Mother Earth (radio version)--0
Mother Earth (live)--0
Mother Earth (live at Leidse Kade)--0
Mother Earth (orchestra version)--0
Ice Queen (live at Leidse Kade)--0
The Cross (acoustic)--0
Our Solemn Hour (demo version)--0
The Cross [Live Audio]--0
What Have You Done [Live Audio]--0
Stand My Ground [Live Audio]--0
The Howling [Live Audio]--0
Ouverture [Live Audio]--0
Hand of Sorrow [Live Audio]--0
The Heart Of Everything [Live Audio]--0
The Promise [Live Audio]--0
Angels [Live Audio]--0
Our Solemn Hour [Live Audio]--0
The Swan Song [Live Audio]--0
Forgiven [Live Audio]--0
Pearls of Light (CD version)--0
Restless (Orchestral remix)--0
Forgiven (single version)--0
Forgiven (album version)--0
Caged (Live)--0
Never Ending Story (radio edit)--0
Frozen (radio edit)--0
Hand of Sorrow (live)--0
Candles (Live)--0
Ice Queen (acoustic version 2002)--0
Enter (live)--0
Angels (radio mix)--0
Never Ending Story (extended version)--0
World of Make Belive--0
Caged (live at Lowlands 2002)--0
Jillian [I'd Give My Heart] [Live Audio]--0
Summertime Sadness--0
What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo) (album version)--0
See Who I Am (live)--0
Dangerous (feat. Howard Jones)--0
It’s the Fear--0
Whole World Is Watching (feat. Dave Pirner)--0
What Have You Done (Rock Mix)--0
Forgiven (Live)--0
Behind Blue Eyes--0
What Have You Done (Acoustic)--0
And We Run (feat. Xzibit)--0
Utopia [feat.Chris Jones]--0
Tell Me Whytrad0
Whole World Is Watchingtrad0
Dog Daystrad0
Coverder By Rosestrad0
Silver Moonlighttrad0
Silver Moonlight (Demo Version)trad0
Paradise (What about us?) (feat. Tarja)--0
Are You The One?--0
Let Her Go--0
Paradise (What About Us)--0
Don’t You Worry Child--0
Dirty Dancer--0
Faster (Radio Edit)--0
The Promise (live)--0
It's the Fear (Demo)--0
Angels (Full Length Version)--0
Stand My Ground (Acoustic)--0
The Power of Love--0
Ice Queen (single edit)--0
Stand My Ground (Live)--0
It's the Fear (demo version)--0
Memories (Live)--0
I Don't Wanna (Bonus Track)--0
Memories (single version)--0
What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo) (single version)--0
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [Live]--0
Somewhere (feat. Anneke van Giersbergen)--0
What Have You Done (Ft. Keith Caputo)--0
Dog Days (Demo Version)--0
Let Us Burn (Demo Version)--0
Covered by Roses (Evolution Track)--0
What You Have Done--0
Our Solemn Hour (Live)--0
Sinead (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)--0
And We Run (evolution track)--0
Angels (Elements Antwerp)--0
All I Need (album version)--0
Edge Of The Worldtrad0
Empty Eyestrad0
All I Need (WT)trad0
Final Destinationtrad0
The Truth Beneath The Rosetrad0
Forgiven (WT)trad0
What Have You Done (Feat. Keith Caputo)trad0
The Cross (WT)trad0
Our Solemn Hourtrad0
A Dangerous Mindtrad0
It's The Feartrad0
The Promisetrad0
Dark Wingstrad0
Another Daytrad0
Deep Withintrad0
Stand My Groundtrad0
Pearls Of Lighttrad0
Never-Ending Storytrad0
Ice Queentrad0
The Swan Songtrad0
See Who I Amtrad0
All I Needtrad0
Sounds Of Freedomtrad0
The Silence--0
Where Is The Edge ?trad0
Stairway To The Skiestrad0
Frozen Tearstrad0
A Demon's Fatetrad0
Where Is The Edgetrad0
Towards The Endtrad0
Perfect Harmonytrad0
World Of Make Believetrad0
The Dancetrad0
The Other Half (Of Me)trad0
Gothic Christmastrad0
Blue Eyestrad0
The Last Timetrad0
Jane Doetrad0
All I Need (single version)--0
Ice Queen (Acoustic)--0
The Howling (live)--0
The Heart of Everything (live)--0
Aquarius (live)--0
Ice Queen (acoustic 2002)--0
Frozen (demo version)--0
The Other Half (of Me) (feat. George Oosthoek)--0
Ice Queen (Live)--0
The Gatekeeper--0
Angels (single version)--0
Forgiven (live 2008) (Black Symphony version)--0
Destroyed (Demo Version)--0
The Other Half--0
Ice Queen (Radio Edit)--0
Candles & Pearls of Light (remix)--0
Mother Earth (orchestral version)--0
Destroyed (unreleased demo track)--0
Sinéad (Groove Coverage remix)--0
Sinéad (VNV Nation remix)--0
Running Up That Hill (live at the Edisons Amsterdam)--0
Deceiver of Fools (live at Lowlands 2002)--0
Mother Earth (single version)--0
Forsaken (live in 013, Tilburg)--0
Our Farewell (radio version)--0
Ice Queen (acoustic at MXL)--0
Restless (classical version)--0
Restless (single mix)--0
Towards The End - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Covered by Roses (Live 2014)--0
Candles (Elements Live)--0
Let Us Burn (Live 2014)--0
Faster (Live 2012)--0
In the Middle of the Night (Live 2012)--0
Ice Queen (Elements Live)--0
Let Us Burn (Hydra Live)--0
The Last Dance - Elements Live in Concert--0
Iron (Elements Live)--0
Iron (Live 2012)--0
And We Run (dance remix)--0
Whole World Is Watching (Hydra Live)--0
The Last Dance (Elements Antwerp)--0
Caged - Live at The Java Island, Amsterdam--0
The Cross - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Pale - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Frozen - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
All I Need - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Stand My Ground - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Forgiven - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Shot In The Dark - Single Edit--0
Aquarius - Live at The Java Island, Amsterdam--0
All I Need [Live Audio]--0
The Truth Beneath The Rose [Live Audio]--0
Frozen [Live Audio]--0
Sinéad (Myon & Shane 54 Triplet Monster Mix)--0
Sinéad (Benno de Goeij Remix)--0
Deceiver of Fools (live)--0
Frozen (single version)--0
Memories (live at Bataclan Paris 2004)--0
Stand My Ground (single version)--0
Our Farewell (live)--0
The Howling (single version)--0
What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo) (edit)--0
Somewhere [feat.Anneke Van Giersbergen] - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
What Have You Done [feat Keith Caputo] - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
Caged - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
The Last Time (demo)--0
The Last Time (demo version)--0
Mother Earth (By Metropole Orchestra)--0
Sinéad (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Vocal Mix)--0
Paradise (What About Us?) (Hydra Amsterdam)--0
The Promise - Elements Live in Concert--0
Somewhere [Live Audio]--0
Memories - Live in Eindhoven 2008--0
What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo) (Rock mix)--0
Silver Moonlight (Evolution Track)--0
Tell Me Why (Evolution Track)--0
The Cross (Live)--0
What Have You Done (Live)--0
Radioactive (Bonus Track)--0
Paradise (What About Us?) (instrumental)--0
Dangerous (instrumental)--0
Jane Doe - ecxl. I-tunes Bonustrack--0
The Other Half [Of Me] [Live Audio]--0
Somewhere (Live)--0
The Swan Song (Live)--0
The Cross (Acoustic) [Live]--0
Covered by Roses (Evolution Track) [Bonus Track]--0
Let Her Go (Bonus Track)--0
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) (Live Version)--0
Empty Eyes (Bonus Track)--0
Believer (Ice Queen demo)--0
Sinéad (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Radio Edit)--0
Sinéad (Video Broadcast Version)--0
Jane Doe (Bonus Track)--0
And We Run (instrumental)--0
Sinéad (Hydra Live in Concert)--0
Stand My Ground - Elements Live in Concert--0
Sanctuary Intro - Elements Live in Concert--0
Paradise (What About Us?) [Hydra Live]--0
The Last Dance (Elements Live)--0
What Have You Done [feat. Keith Caputo] [US Edit]--0
Stairway To The Skies - Elements Live in Concert--0
Living on Fire (demo version)--0
Our Solemn Hour (Elements Live in Concert)--0
Fire and Ice (Elements Live in Concert)--0
It's the Fear (Live)--0
Paradise (What About Us) [with Tarja] [New Mix]--0
In the Middle of the Night (Elements Live)--0
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