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Paroles de Matador

Interprètes YelawolfDJ MuggsCaskey

Paroles de la chanson Matador par Yelawolf lyrics officiel

Matador est une chanson en Anglais

Ha ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Gotta put my phone on vibrate, this is bullshit
Keep it goin', keep it goin', keep it goin'
Decline, call me back, motherfucker
No sir, I got the pocket right here, let's go
Uh, yeah

If I said that I didn't know that I would be here
You know I'm lyin' (yeah), on the sofa
If it wasn't for hell's fire as a youth
You'd know I'd be fryin' (uh), when I was older
But the devil met his quota, I paid up the (?)
Got bit but I'm a soldier, the poison was like a hangover
Check it off, lemon and the salt
This tequila and these broads vote to kill ya and that's all, no way
I got a pocket like a headed line
Yeah, yeah, fuckin' porcupines
Stick waffle house, griddle greasy pan flip
Middle finger up still like I'm missin' four digits
Got more skin in the game than a Beverly Hills surgeon (uh)
Wave runner, nah, but I'm surfin'
Dirty south, no detergent, clean on the surface
Grimy to the gristle, bone marrow, with this arrow
Pointed straight at your bourbon, bow and arrow flirtin'
Been hit with that bullshit, no one ever hurts him
Because I'm a bull, bitch, matadors flyin'
Red blankets from the slidin' door of a minivan
Couldn't get me to believe in them, I am sure to bleed a man
Because I'm a wolf, bitch, no one ever churched him
Never met a preacher who could reach me, made 'em nervous
Irons in the fire, I'm a heavy metal wordsmith (yeah)
Heavy metal like a dose of pickin' up the dirt with
Ozzy in the driver seat, screamin' "Iron Man"
I'm hot, go call the fireman, that's a oldie but goodie
I'm hot, go call the buyer, man, that's a new one that should be
Boy, yeah, I'm a good bet, daddy's rollin' sevens
And there ya go, tell the cashier to bring me twenty more K for the set
And you can keep ten of it, hit the mall, then call me later
I love you, don't forget to check in (uh)
Father of a queen, boy, y'all in trouble with the pack (uh)
And both my boys are lookin' like they might've brought a bat
Already (yeah), but I didn't teach 'em baseball
They just saw their daddy swingin', then saw daddy take off
Like a lion, flyin' 'til I'm dyin'
Went from drownin' in the trap to smilin' in the islands
Look at all of that blue, it's like the heavens cryin'
Guess I'll wipe a few tears and take a dip into this climate (uh)
Aqua may be water, baby, kickin' it, don't waddle, baby
Slippin' it like all day, baby, 'til she yellin', "Oh God, baby"
I got it like, "No, my lady, you just bite the pillow"
While we stop the clock from windin' when we hop into the Holiday Inn baby
Inn (yeah), yeah, Holiday, we in
And I just took Holly and Holiday on dates again
They some lookalikes, I'm lookin' like they start to blend
So I just took vacation and vacated both of them (uh)
I'm makin' renovations, call Vanilla Ice
Ain't he got some type of reno show, Miami type? (yeah)
Wonder if he'd come and fix the home I wrecked last night
I only left the plumbin' lines when I laid the pipe
Ain't too much work there, 'cause I laid it right (uh)
Foundation still good, at least late at night (uh)
Can't account for how they'll take it when the wind blows
But I'm a free bird, plus I need to to return rental

Ayy, Caskey
It's a "Show up in court on LSD and sandals" kinda day
I drew, excuse me your honor, 'cause what I'm tryna say
I'm a modern day Pablo Picasso to economies
And my life is private like the jet, can't do economy
I sit back with my feet stacked, I'm relaxed
Got sober from the money, I relapsed
Pops loved me 'cause my flaws was somethin' he'd see past
When he died, I cried, then I swore I would wreak hav- (hol' up)
Wreak havoc on the game
You barely a semen stain when I didn't get her name
I discard you while my heart glisten in the chain
It's guarded 'cause I'm always bearin' witness to the pain
It never call in sick in hopes that you would call it quits
I called the Ritz, said "I'ma need the presidential suite for Moni' Lewins'"
I'm monolithic with it, prehistoric, follow the prints
My hollow tips in your stomach like you swallowed the clip
Uh-uh, I never swallowed my pride, try to, it's hollow inside
I picked it up, the colors arrive, how you gon' offer me lies
While I did was offer truth, that and tried to provide?
That guilty conscience got you awful deprived
My life abundant, it pour over the edge of my circumference
My cup runneth over, now rover-over your budget
Now holy moly, that kid is chosen, they tryna covet
My blessings what they can't do, I does it (I does it)
I'm doin' donuts in that ZO6, at the Vegas strip
With a bag that's full of Frito chips, didn't mean it literally
This is that casino grip, I go gambino trips
Over Clams Casino style beats while the DJ flips
This DJ Muggs and two killers at the freeway bus
I sport my game like that company named EA does
I gave this five stars on Yelp myself
Because we dropped outta school but with this microphone we A-plus
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Auteurs: Brandon Caskey, Michael Atha
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