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paroles officielles ♪ Barcelona ♪
On ma way out from hitting this honey from last night/
I had to blast right/ coz she was looking nasty in the
Cruising down centrum/ in an aftermath tantrum/ I got
interrupted by this hun/
And looking pretty good at that/ she had a letter for Kap/
it said ma man Critical was chilling south of Spain/
Sowing his oats/ with a lady, and even her name was
underlined in the note,/
so that means he handeled it fine, don? t you know/
I had to find him though/ I call up Vinnie on the phone, he
[Vinni] What you doing in the snow, bro?/
[Kapricon] I don? t know man, but where you at?
Barcelona/, in the zone/ like I finally found a home for
this stoner/,
trader all my kroner,/ it? s all about pesetas and coronas/
this bar, I? m the motherfucking owner./
Made it out the coma/ played like I said, now I? m gone,
bro/ a lot of pretty ladies on my boner.
Went from halph-ass/ to a class-act/ weedaroma
[Kapricon] Pass that!/
[Vinni] Baby got my feet upon her ass-crack/
Yo you gonna love it while it lasts, Kap/ sending you a
ticket that? s that/ we can kick it,
[Kapricon] That? s fat!

[Kapricon & Vinni]
I? m leaving, where are you gonna go?
Barcelona, anywhere it don? t snow
Feel the sun glow, ladies looking like they? re models from
a video,
Let them know we? re drunk!
Let? s go! x 2

So now I? m in Barcelona/, a loner looking for a bar owner/
but I forgot to bring my fucking note, bro/
so I? m sitting in somewhere sipping my corona,/
thinking I? m a goner/ and goddammit I? m so fucked,
and all I can remember is the name of the bar you opened up/
Babylon or something, right?
[Vinni] yep! close it up
I hire me a moped and goes for it/ I can? t wait to hit the
ocean and order a cold beer/
[Vinni] Cool, now see the road there?/
[Kapricon] Yeah?
[Vinni] Cool! Now, see that road there?
[Kapricon] Yeah?
[Vinni] Yo follow three blocks, make a left, go straight
through the old square/
next turn, church on the left, you should go there/,
Beach's just below the stairs/ and it? s nice through the
whole year/
You should see what the hoes wear/ water? s so clear/, so
nice it ain? t fair/
Yo but listen here/ stay for some food and a J/, I? ll come
too, just let me give the keys to Josè!

[Vinni og Kapricon]
I? m dreaming, yeah I know it? s nice man
Barcelona, Holla at the Iceman
Check the price man, That? s how it? s down there, fly all
year, you wanna get a beer?
Let? s go! x 2

[Kapricon] Vinni guess what? I? ve got the letter, I had it
all along, I forgot I had it in my sack full of draws!
[Vinni] Man you? re slacking dog!
[Kapricon] Tell me something I don? t know
[Vinni] He? s getting married
[Kapricon] What, let me se what he wrote
[Critical] Dear Kappa
I guess it? s been about a year now since we met each other/
well, spoken to one another/ damn brother man I miss you./
Still living in snow/ with thirty below?/
Heard that you weren't slurping no more/ you? re AA, funny,
but how is you?/
Oh guess what, by the way/ I met this other dame/
at the airport in Spain, I? m getting married brother man/
to this tall, dark skinned, half black, half latino,
modelling chica/ my baby celina/ wait till you meet her,/
but me? I quit work and started school so mama? s happy/
I? m studying anatomy at the academy of New Guinea/ funny,
huh? But Vinni, how? s he?/
I heard he moved to Barcelona/ sipping Coronas,/ still
living by the sea,/ splendid.
Nothing but love for him you show him/
tell him to give my TV back but you know him/ at those
Oh yeah and one more ting to top it off, I? m having a baby
due in June/
And I? m naming him after you, kind of cool, huh?/ And I
gonna send you an invitation too/
so Love to my people, man, woman, ain? t no difference/
Critical signing off, peace *smask* hugs and kisses/
PS I? m gonna get to my mistress?/

[Vinni og Kapricon]
I? m dreaming, Critical? s getting married
He? s a goner, It? s cool, we? re all happy
Sure,? bout to be a daddy, its a white wedding day
Yo Kap, get your tux, bottoms up
Let? s gox 2
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