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Traduction El Rescate en Anglais

Interprètes Grupo Marca RegistradaJunior H

Traduction de la chanson El Rescate par Grupo Marca Registrada officiel

El Rescate : traduction de Espagnol vers Anglais

They have messed up my move
I got into a street and it's a dead end
I have nowhere to go to
I can't move from here, police have surrounded me

My brother, we are about to arrive
It's a bunch of us on our way to rescue you
Just take cover from the shots
In two minutes we'll be there, but don't get off the radio

Brother, an angel fell from the sky
My gun is out of bullets, they are all gone
We are are on our way on cruise mode
Just be on the look out to get into the car

I will leave my boys fighting and we'll get out of there

Pure Marca Registrada, brother
And with all the power, my brother Junior H
Pure, "keep on going", brother

I'm in debt with you and I have no words
I almost run out of bullets
If you had not arrived to support me
I would be ringing Saint Peter's bells by now

Brother, you are very welcome, that's what we are here for
While we can, we will support you
None of my boys fell to them
We don't have any loses and they did not follow us

I am truly grateful
Tomorrow I will send gear to all your kids
You don't worry my friend
We did it for our friendship, so that you see that we are ready to help any time

Ready to help when you need it, good friend
And you can count with me
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