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Traduction Ces Gens-la en Anglais

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Traduction de la chanson Ces Gens-la par Jacques Brel officiel

Ces Gens-la : traduction de Français vers Anglais

First, first, there's the eldest
He who is like a melon
He who has a big nose
He who no longer knows his name, sir
So much that he drinks
So much that he has drunk
Who does nothing with his ten fingers
But he who can't take it anymore
He who is completely cooked
And who thinks he's the king
Who gets drunk every night
With bad wine
But who we find in the morning
In the church, snoring
Stiff as a post
White as an Easter candle
And then who stammers
And who has a wandering eye
I must tell you, Sir
That in these people's house
We don't think, Sir
We don't think
We pray

And then, there's the other
Carrots in his hair
Who has never seen a comb
Who is mean as a tick
Even though he would give his shirt
To happy poor people
Who married Denise
A city girl, finally
From another city
And it's not over
Who does his little business
With his little hat
With his little coat
With his little car
Who would like to look the part
But who doesn't look it at all
You shouldn't play rich
When you don't have a penny
I must tell you, Sir
That in these people's house
We don't live, Sir
We don't live
We cheat

And then, there are the others
The mother who says nothing
Or just anything
And from evening to morning
Under her beautiful apostle's face
And in her wooden frame
There's the father's mustache
Who died from a slip
And who watches his flock
Eat the cold soup
And it makes big flchss-flchss
And it makes big flchss-flchss

And then there's the very old one
Who doesn't stop vibrating
And whom we wait for her to die
Since she's the one with the money
And we don't even listen
To what her poor hands are saying
I must tell you, Sir
That in these people's house
We don't talk, Sir
We don't talk
We count

And then, and then
And then there's Frida
Who is beautiful like a sun
And who loves me the same
As I love Frida
Even though we often say
That we will have a house
With lots of windows
With almost no walls
And that we will live inside
And that it will be good to be there
And that if it's not sure
It's still maybe
Because the others don't want
Because the others don't want
The others they say like that
That she is too beautiful for me
That I am just good
To slaughter cats
I never killed cats
Or then a long time ago
Or I forgot
Or they didn't smell good
Anyway they don't want, they don't want

Sometimes when we see each other
Seeming like it's not on purpose
With her wet eyes
She says she will leave
She says she will follow me
So for a moment
For a moment only
Then I believe her, Sir
For a moment
For a moment only
Because in these people's house, sir
We don't leave
We don't leave, Sir
We don't leave
But it's late, Sir
I have to go home
To my place
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