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Traduction Fernand en Anglais

Interprète Jacques Brel

Traduction de la chanson Fernand par Jacques Brel officiel

Fernand : traduction de Français vers Anglais

To say that Fernand is dead
To say that Fernand is dead
To say that I am alone behind
To say that he is alone ahead

Him in his last beer
Me in my fog
Him in his hearse
Me in my desert

Ahead there's only a white horse
Behind there's only me crying
To say that there's not even wind
To stir my flowers

If I were God
I think I'd have regrets
To say that now it's raining
To say that Fernand is dead

To say that we're crossing Paris
In the early morning
To say that we're crossing Paris
And it looks like Berlin

You, you, you don't know
You sleep but it's sad to die
To be forced to leave
When Paris is still sleeping

I'm dying to
Wake up people
I'll invent a family for you
Just for your funeral

And if I were God
I think I wouldn't be proud
I know we do what we can
But there's a way to do it

You know I'll come back
I'll come back often
In this damn field
Where you must rest

In the summer I'll make shade
We'll drink silence
To the health of Constance
Who doesn't care about your shadow

And then adults are so stupid
They'll surely start a war
So I'll come for good
To sleep in your cemetery

And now God
You've had a good laugh
And now God
And now I'm going to cry
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