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Interprète Jean-Jacques Goldman

Traduction de la chanson En Passant par Jean-Jacques Goldman officiel

En Passant : traduction de Français vers Anglais

All the ebony trees have a rendezvous
Shreds of night when our shadows extinguish
Roads take me, I don't know where
I had piercing eyes before, I saw everything

Quietly they return like a wolf's footsteps
Sleeping queens, our ancient routs
Fountains flow to where they run aground
The extinguished promises and all our dissolved wishes

There were wings and dreams to share
There were winters and never the cold
There were big skies exhausted from storms
There were peaces that we did not sign

Roads take me, I don't know where
I've seen birds, springs, pebbles
In passing

All our defeats are hungry for us
Resigned oaths under the makeup
Day after the party, not drunk enough
To move on, let go of the too heavy regrets

Already these slow, these quiet shipwrecks
Already these cages that we did not expect
Already these discreet lacks of courage
Everything we will never be, already

I've seen boats, flowers, kings
Mornings so beautiful, I've picked some
In passing
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