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Traduction de la chanson Filles Faciles par Jean-Jacques Goldman officiel

Filles Faciles : traduction de Français vers Anglais

I have a particular fondness
For these girls who have no manners
The hospitable, the docile
You call them easy girls
Those who do not bargain their bodies
Neither for words nor for gold
For whom there is no need for a debate
Neither for their top nor for their bottom
For a few notes of guitar
They will sleep a little later
They say that mornings are good
They say that two is even better
The unexpected, the shy
Those who understand without being told
For whom a glance is enough
For everything to light up in one night

Little song of recognition
For these stars of my adolescence
I have not forgotten any
Dear and precious one by one

Those who found me consumable
Before I was in the hit-parades
In the balls or the community centers
As at the top of the coliseums
Those who do not exchange their pleasure
For what we think or what we will say
Who say OK for the hells
Against a little bit of paradise on earth
Little moments stolen in fraud
Like an autumn in warm countries
Full of the taste of stolen kisses
Always a little bit sweeter
Without talking about it or thinking about it
Without promised or sworn after
It does not matter in the least
When it's love that we love to love

Tonight, I want to pay tribute to them
This will be the second time
May they know that I regret
To do it only by voice
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