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Interprète Lynda Lemay

Traduction de la chanson Balançoires éternelles par Lynda Lemay officiel

Balançoires éternelles : traduction de Français vers Anglais

I've sometimes given you the worst
And yet the best of me
I've knitted futures for you
And despite everything, you catch a cold

Despite my heavy vocabulary
I often run out of pages
I feel as dry as a desert
I am shorter than your journeys

You thirst for more than me
You are richer than what I'm worth
No matter how careful I am, I can't reach
The right language, the right level

I've given you all that I am
And I promise you what I will become
It's a gift but as they say
You have to take it and leave it

The swings are eternal
Like my hand on your back
I like to push you towards the sky
But I'm afraid of seeing you fall from high

And when you slide from the horizon
It's my old heart that's put in plaster
You, you shake off your pants
And you rush back in haste

Your convictions are beautiful to see
They even shake my doubts
I'm not the author of your stories
My pen only cries a few drops

I propose my direction
But you don't give a damn
And you're right
Seeing the state of my routs

I'll always be there as I can
I hear myself in your bursts of laughter
I've bequeathed you the best I had
You've thrown away the worst I had

When you pray to your little gods
Lost in your giant silences
You resemble me a little
It's just enough resemblance

Because your life, I'm not going to write it
You are in charge of your dreams
And the widest of your smiles
Are not going to be born on my lips

What I admire, your courage
Don't soil it with my fears
We don't live on the same floor
We don't dress in the same shades

In the noble aim of protecting you
Against what made me sick
It's stupid, I'm killing myself to stuff you
With my indigestible warnings

And when I see you carrying my fears
Like scarves that strangle you
All the warmth I wish for you
It's because of me if you lack it

One day or another, I will have to
Mind my own business
Stop believing it's my fault
When your mood becomes gloomy

You have the right to your trials
To your intimate experiences
I can wipe your crying eyes
But for the rest
I trust you

The swings are eternal
Like my hand on your back
I like to push you towards the sky
You are free as birds

It's only by flying, the beautiful ones
That one can learn to fall
You might break your wings
But I'll be there
To heal you
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