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Traduction Mamie en Anglais

Interprète Lynda Lemay

Traduction de la chanson Mamie par Lynda Lemay officiel

Mamie : traduction de Français vers Anglais

When you told me
I misheard
I kind of didn't get it
I kind of didn't want to

When you told me
Your voice full of waves
And when I understood
That it wasn't a joke

When you told me
That is to say what I was
That is to say a granny
That is to say that you had

Hidden in your body
A little bud
A little treasure
My little grandson

I was mad at you
For three seconds
Then I was mad at myself
For being so awful

I wasn't disappointed
Not disappointed but almost
I was almost moved
But I wasn't ready

I felt old
Aged all at once
Older than the day before
Not pretty at all

It was like too early
To be so late
It was like a gift
That I didn't want to receive

Then you fell
You fell into tears
Heavy with a baby
In your woman's body

Fell into my arms
My mother's arms
Which that day
Became bigger

They opened up
And I held you tight
You were upside down
The opposite of death

I was in the right place
Where I was supposed to be
That is to say near you
And I was going to be reborn

I waited for him
Your sublime fruit
Your little Jesus
Your little genius

Then I held him
Held him in my hand
Your tiny human
Born from your loins

And I heard
His first sob
Then his high-pitched laugh
Then his first words

And when he told me
His first "I love you"
I got everything
I didn't have a problem

It's the most beautiful gift
That I could receive
It wasn't too early
And even if it's late

Now I can't
Feel prettier
Than when this little guy
Calls me granny
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