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Traduction Aux souvenirs que nous sommes en Anglais

Interprète Patrick Bruel

Traduction de la chanson Aux souvenirs que nous sommes par Patrick Bruel officiel

Aux souvenirs que nous sommes : traduction de Français vers Anglais

My Dear Mélinée
My beloved little orphan
In a few hours, I will no longer be of this world
We are going to be shot this afternoon at 3 o'clock
This happens to me like an accident in my life
I don't believe it
But yet I know that I will never see you again

What can I write to you?
Everything is confused in me
And very clear at the same time

I had enlisted in the Liberation Army as a volunteer soldier
And I die within reach of Victory
And the goal
Happiness to those who will survive us
And taste the sweetness of freedom
And the peace of tomorrow

With the help of friends who will want to honor me
You will publish my poems and my writings
Which are worth reading
You will bring my memories, if possible
To my parents in Armenia
I will die with my 23 comrades, in a moment
With the courage and serenity
Of a man who has a clear conscience
Because personally
I have not hurt anyone
And if I did, I did it without hatred
Today, there is sun
And it is by looking at the sun
And the beautiful nature that I loved so much
That I will say goodbye to life
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