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Traduction Je l'ai fait cent fois en Anglais

Interprète Patrick Bruel

Traduction de la chanson Je l'ai fait cent fois par Patrick Bruel officiel

Je l'ai fait cent fois : traduction de Français vers Anglais

Have you ever hated those hours you burned
Waiting for life to give you what it denied?
Have you ever cried over bitter regrets
Immersed in a tear as one sinks into the sea?
Have you ever suffered more than reason
For a lost love, for a mad passion?
Have you ever surprised so many nights in your days?
Have you ever lost the very meaning of life?

Have you elevated to the rank of demi-God
The one who turned his eyes away from you?
Have you bent your back before the unacceptable
So that they find you beautiful, so that they find you likable?
Have you often lacked faith and courage
To be able to change everything, to turn just one page?
Have you often doubted the beauty of things
Even in front of the freshly bloomed dawn?

I've done it a hundred times

Have you blushed from the eyes that you loved so much
Broken friendly hearts without reason or remorse?
Do you wait too often much more than you give
Overwhelmed by the fear of being abandoned?
Have you ever hated everything you are
Dreamed of being the one you will never be?
Have you ever cursed all the passers-by who love each other
Praying that it is you that these arms embrace one day?

Have you dreaded the morning that rises
The murderous needle until the day ends?
Have you implored the devils and the gods
That time suspends, that you breathe a little?
Have you rewritten a thousand times in your head
The story of your life forgetting your defeats?
Have you poured out on your father's shoulder
Or have you dreamed of it if you could not do it?

I've done it a hundred times

Do you fear that life is too barren
To calm your ardor to discover the world?
And see other faces, hear other words
Bordered by landscapes and a new sky
To ward off death, do you cling to life
By existing too strongly for fear of being forgotten?
Have you ever offered facade smiles
A fleeting happiness like a sandcastle?

I've done it a hundred times
I've done it a hundred times
I've done it without you
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