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Interprète Patrick Bruel

Traduction de la chanson Maux D'enfants par Patrick Bruel officiel

Maux D'enfants : traduction de Français vers Anglais

You come home early, earlier than before
You turn on your computer, you wait
They are all there, behind the screen
This time again, it's not your party
You read anyway, you lower your head
It will have to stop
These words thrown, just to see
Behind a keyboard, who knows
Which good child takes power
Alone in his room, a kid laughs
To make others laugh with him
And it falls on you today
Dry your tears, look at me
I hurt more than you when your eyes ask me 'Why?'
We repeat what we hear
We look for our place in the wind
But these are only words, from children

For a girl, who says no to them
For a boy who loves a boy
For a stupid little phrase
Because in the middle, of a schoolyard
It's not just balls that fly
There are not only funny games
Who is pathetic, who is a whiz
For a jacket, or a mobile phone
It's so easy to kill
Raise your head, look at me
I hurt more than you
(Yeah, Fouiny Babe, yeah)

And we cross them by the shovel, the virtual thugs
The little ones are 13 years old, they already want to be sensual
The walls no longer have ears they have Bluetooth ADSL
And we play the game of who will be the cruelest
The comments call for help, sometimes words are tears
Keyboards shoot, computers are weapons
'Mom I stay in my room,
Mom I'm not very hungry,
Mom I hurt but it's short like a chorus'
Meetings on the net, you don't even know who you see
Private are the messages, no need to break your voice
I love you by SMS and I miss you by e-mail
You liked me on Twitter and you broke up by BBM
When I was little we didn't have a computer
We stayed to play football and we talked for hours
You're alone in front of the screen, even on holidays
Tell me who you surf with, I'll tell you who you treat

Why, ask them
They don't know, they think they're playing like adults
To other wars, to other children's games
Raise your head, speak, I hear you
Change the direction of the wind
Hatred slips, into luggage
At the age of picture books
(Yeah, how to raise my head from my keyboard?)
Dry your tears, look at me
(Just open an account if you want to talk)
So many between-words for you
(Dad I don't have much time, I'm connected)
When your eyes ask 'Why?'
(I'm cool in my room, you know how to move)
Nowhere, if you don't talk about it
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