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Interprète Patrick Bruel

Traduction de la chanson On en parle par Patrick Bruel officiel

On en parle : traduction de Français vers Anglais

You cross the street, there's no one left to wait for you
You cross the world, no one left to understand you
You're looking for love at the last addresses you have left
And you lose yourself in the mirrors of a world that hates itself

What will be left for us when we close the last page
Of the last novel, of the last day, of the last storm?
Who will talk to us when we will know almost nothing
Who can really tell us what tomorrow means
We talk about it
We talk about it
We talk about it, tell me
We talk about it

Yes, I'm still scared and I'm asking yesterday's questions
Those that we drowned, those that remained in the air
We lost the war of ideas, of sharing
We left the road, dirtied the landscape

We killed the games of not too wise children
And let the new gods of carnage settle in
We jostle, we topple, we dirty all the promises
The lies, the fake news, the betrayals oppress
We talk about it
We talk about it
We talk about it, tell me

About this white smoke, about this burning earth
About these children who fall, asphyxiated in their bubbles
About these shadows that sink to the bottom of the oceans
About this bitter regression that insults time
We talk about it

Tell me, are you serious or are you pretending not to hear?
Tell me, is it your eyes or are you pretending not to understand?
This thunder that rumbles, that will take everything with it
That will sweep everything away under this damn rain
We talk about it
We talk about it
We talk about it, tell me

And then when our children will ask us questions
That we can no longer drown in bullshit answers
That we can no longer talk about glimmers at the end of the path
That we didn't know, that we knew badly, that we knew nothing
That we especially don't even know what tomorrow means anymore
We talk about it
We talk about it

You have nothing left when the games are over
And your door gets stuck in the middle of regrets
You're looking for the exit, you're sweating, you're out of breath
And your sweat tears get lost in a chasm
Do you know that in this chasm, there is our reflection
And the child we were, under the tears, erased
Fear has committed itself in our lives, in our streets
We get lost, we bump into the killing labyrinth
You may want to get out, the labyrinth exults
Look out the window it's you they're executing
We talk about it
We talk about it, tell me

About this world that is falling apart, about this ambient cynicism
The screams have become a chilling silence
We decide in a tweet who are the good and the bad
The laughter makes a noise that chills my blood
Because we laugh in spite, in tears and at the expense

We provoke, we crush, we stir, we acquit
But the only great wars are those we avoid
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