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Traduction Tu m'oublieras en Anglais

Interprète Patrick Bruel

Traduction de la chanson Tu m'oublieras par Patrick Bruel officiel

Tu m'oublieras : traduction de Français vers Anglais

You will forget all those days, all that time
That belonged only to us
This awakening, one morning
Your arms around my neck
And the love we made anywhere

You will forget all the harm you have
By watching me suffer
These difficult moments
Where you don't know what to say
And you just have to leave

You will forget the smiles, the looks
That spoke of eternity
All these words that we swear
Never to forget
You will forget, you will forget me

You will forget, your waiting, impatient
Hooked on the phone
The first date
That one evening I finally give you
This night that changed my whole life

You will forget if it was
In April, in September or in July
If it was sunny
Or if it was raining
You will forget

You will forget the sun that my hands
Made birth in yours
The delirious happiness
That made your veins burn
And this cry to the sky
That ends in an I love you

You will forget everything about us
When your breath will be short
When his eyes will be blurry
When you make love to him
You will forget, you will forget me

You will forget
Like a movie plays on a black screen
Because love, you know, has no memory
You will forget me

You will forget me
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