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Goofy Cap lyrics

Performer BL

Goofy Cap song lyrics by BL official

Goofy Cap is a song in English

He be talking pape He ain't got a thousand to his name
Yo own ppl start to hate they don't come around they acting strange
I got out them niggas way and then I found my own lane
I know niggas that flooded the gates then drowned in they own wave
I get em hooked I gotta cut em off when they get too attached
I'm tryna make sum shake I'm tryna move this pack
You know I Gotta play it safe when I come thru I'm strapped
Nigga fucked the bag up he was faking on that goofy cap

This shit be funny when I see a nigga lying like he that
He posting money on IG the whole time this nigga cracked
He can't run it up he green he still tryna get off his pack
Yo bitch was running thru the team and You still wifed her She a rat
He be tryna impress these hoes went to the mall and blew his re up
He be flexing but he owe
The hook called like run that cheese up
Bruh blessing with the bowls
We been balling got our feet up
Big dog you niggas tea cups
Y'all niggas can't see us
Hope you know the more I feed the streets then y'all niggas won't eat much
Y'all niggas getting peanuts
Too small you niggas tree stumps
I'm already in the lead I'm too far they can't even keep up
I ain't doing songs with niggas but I'm charging for a feature
He riding his nigga wave so the hoes think he got motion too
He bought a pack with no drops he blew half cause he a smoker too
He ain't got no hustle lazy nigga think being broke is cool
How you ain't got no money tryna clown nigga the joke on you
I stay away from niggas they be fucking up the game
Why everybody name in yo mouth but you ain't got nothing in ya name
Man this nigga don't want no bread
He rather trick it off instead
Fucking with bitches getting misled
He getting hit up over the head
He was pose to be laying low he was out kicking it on the run
He got blurped riding with the whole kit and now he done
He was in traffic could have got murked his shit got flipped he ain't have his gun
Goofy capping at its worse man these niggas must be dumb
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Writer: Byron Perry Jr.
Copyright: O/B/O DistroKid

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