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You Did Me Wrong lyrics

Performer Fabolous

You Did Me Wrong song lyrics by Fabolous official

You Did Me Wrong is a song in English

Yeah, fuck is y'all on
Y'all gon' pull up on The Opera House
Harbor Bridge
Yeah, I need to see that, man, we in Sydney, so
Aight, I'm pullin' up

Made a wrong, make you strong
Black hearts to anybody dealing with heartbreak
(Relationship, partnership, friendship)
We gotta reload and come back wit'
Come back stronger, strong love
Yeah, yeah
Broken heart on my middle finger
Fuck love I'm a bitter nigga
Fuck her ex, I'ma a twitter nigga
Kiss the ring on my pinky finger
I'ma big dawg not a lil' nigga
This a real classic not a little jingle
I'm on demon time, not on Christian Mingle
You can still pray for me though, yeah
I pray whatever broke your heart
Can fix your vision, yeah
It's 2024
May this next year be your best year
I gotta big heart, but I ain't takin' no more L's because of it
Feel me?

Yeah, no more talkin' to manipulators
They say one thing do another thing
And then they come back and try to flip it later
Nigga's back on that bullshit, so the petty shit I'm participatin'
I might send my son to go and fuck his bitch since these niggas out here pimpin' hatin'
I been ballin' like the Clippers lately, thought I told you hoes that I am the system
Few thousand to the strippres lately, if I let 'em go promise I don't miss 'em
I been out here livin' single like Overton, like Maxine, like Khadijah, like Regine
Still blackin' out like Beijing, nigga, chill

I can't really sing, but Trey can

You did me wrong, fuck is you on?
My love is gone, so long (long gone)
You did me wrong, fuck is you on?
My love is gone, so long (so gone)
You did, you did me wrong
(No more support, friendship, and loyalty where it's not returned)
You did me wrong
(How you gon' play with a real one when you know God don't make us like that no more?)
You did me wrong, fuck is you on? (Fuck is you?)
My love is gone, so long

Shit is sad
And these niggas did bad too, man
They'll break your heart too
It's like they rather be broke bosses than rich teammates
I'm heartbroken, man, I feel like Jerry Jones

You give 'em a wave and a title then (then what?)
Somehow it turn to entitlement
Get the ungrateful up out your environment
These niggas care more about going viral than anything else
They'll make a fool of they self, integrity's not a requirement (it's not)
When nigga's is nameless wanna be famous they will go lower to be higher than (damn)
I just hate seein' the clout chase (I hate it)
I just hate hearin' a liar vent (I hate it)
These niggas be goin' live when they drive
Just to crash out on a opiorphin (skrrt)
Not gonna work like retirement
When you get lit, here come the firemen
First it be talk, then they get chalked, I guess it really is smoke off a fire then (wow)
You niggas already know how we comin' (brrt), so I'm not gon' preach to the choir then

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (ah-ah-ah)
Ooh (ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (ah-ah-ah)
Ooh (ah-ah, ah-ah-ah)
You did me wrong
You did me wrong
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Writer: John David Jackson
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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