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Toca Tuesday Freestyle lyrics

Performer Yelawolf

Toca Tuesday Freestyle song lyrics by Yelawolf official

Toca Tuesday Freestyle is a song in English

Check it out, check it out, check it out,
Got my man yellow .. in the house
Set it off quick .. anywhere I'm in the house
..four bags you can get in this motha f*cka track

Ok, let's get it started though
my name is Yelawolf I'm a sudden .. here
.. but they go too, all of my people .. be bored,
some of .. are bad, some of them got that hard ..

mister clever on the .. with your ass too,
but if it's war between the .. hanging it up the proof
time to time I get's like tic- tac tic-tac
.... the jobs and chicks,
mummy work under 5 ... get my stomach ..
... tryin to .. talking by ... under your shoe boy.
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