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Lève-toi Et Rap translation into English

Performer Mc Solaar

Lève-toi Et Rap song translation by Mc Solaar official

Translation of Lève-toi Et Rap from French to English

Born in Senegal, both my parents came from Chad
Son of the Sahel, I had the energy of King Faad
But I came here to a home in Saint Denis
With my brothers and sisters, we move to Evry
My mother cleans in hospitals.
She knows that knowledge will be my only ally
She comes home late at night, while I play football
Acceleration. Big bridge then I shoot. Goal
Holiday camps in Haute Savoie
We controlled the monitors without having the BAFA
Then trip to Egypt, French School of Cairo
To perfect my flow and my vocabulary
There I learned humility, fear of cartridges
Pure sniper style camouflage paw-fly
I saw guys go to Ilot Chalon
Student protests, counter protests of the Jalons
Then I spent days in libraries
Entire nights on the street facing the media library
Took the microphone in wagon 8 at the Triage station
Rubbing shoulders with people who weren't in the gears
At that time in the middle of Paris there were skinheads
You came from the country, you shouldn't cry for help
But be able to keep the same course
Maybe because one day a guy told me go ahead Stand up and rap

There was the time of the Globo, the Bobino, the Rex Club
Ruby barge for the Rub-a-dub
From High Fight, Polino, Kwame n'Krunmah.
Youthman, Lord Zelko... Jah Jah for Mushapata
Luxury is not Lexus but the kilometers of boxer
Or like the Smoking Muslims it's tagging in the RER
We took the metro with an aesthete's gaze
A cap to check a name plate at Tikaret
As an honest guy, I went looking for jobs at the CIDJ
But you already know. We were looking for DJs
500 ONE posse for France
With the same ethic, keep the right to difference
They were mad at me because I had what they wanted
A style that was my own and the verb in the past perfect
Get me into a gang? You're crazy or wak.
I'm as frail as Ghandi and only like kilowatts
I walk low profile, don't show off any jewelry.
You're worth more than a brand, Mamadou told me.
Mafia movies made me suspicious
I saw young mafiosos and then deviant capos
Like in schools, I still wear baggy pants
It's weed when I deal crazy messages
Rap, Bac, Fac. First entry in the bins
Maybe because one day Jesus told me go ahead Stand up and rap
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