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Paroles de Monster

Interprète Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Paroles de la chanson Monster par Jorge Rivera-Herrans lyrics officiel

Monster est une chanson en Anglais

What if I'm the monster?
What if I'm in the wrong?
What if I'm the problem that's
Been hiding all along?
What if I'm the one who killed you
Every time I caved to guilt?
What if I've been far to kind to foes
But a monster to ourselves?
What if I'm the monster

Is the cyclops struck with
Guilt when he kills?
Is he up in the middle of the night?
Or does he end my men to avenge his friend
And then sleep knowing he has done him right?
When the witch turns men to
Pigs to protect her nymphs
Is she going insane?
Or did she learn to be colder when she got
Older and now she saves them the pain?

When a god comes down and makes a fleet drown
Is he scared that he's doing something wrong?
Or does he keep us in check
So we must respect him
And now no one dares to piss him off?

Does a soldier use a wooden horse to
Kill sleeping trojans cause he vile?
Or does he throw away his remorse
And save more lives with guile

If I became the monster
And threw that guilt away
Would that make us stronger?
Would it keep our foes at bay?
If I became the monster to everyone but us
And made sure we got home again
Who would care if we're unjust
If I became the


Oh, ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves

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